One of the main problems with modern Christianity is that it is reactive, rather than proactive. Christians aren’t being taught to think and act operationally. A Christian worldview is a great first step, but how does that worldview apply beyond the classroom? What does a Christian worldview look like when it is lived out and applied to daily life?

Douglas Wilson has been a worldview warrior for many decades. More importantly, he has also been applying what he has learned. Doug and his wife started Christians schools and became early leaders in the Classical Christian School movement. Doug is a long-time pastor of a church in Moscow, Idaho, and has written many books and given countless lectures on applied Christianity.

COLLISION: Is Christianity Good for the World?

COLLISION: Is Christianity Good for the World?

COLLISION carves a new path in documentary film-making as it pits late atheist, political journalist, and bestselling author Christopher Hitchens against fellow author, satirist, and evangelical theologian Douglas Wilson, as they go on the road to exchange blows over the question: Is Christianity Good for the World? The two contrarians laugh, confide, and argue, in public and in private, and the film captures it all. The result is a magnetic conflict, a character-driven narrative that sparkles cinematically with a perfect match of arresting personalities and intellectual rivalry.

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But Doug is also quick to point out that he is the product of the work of many others. First and foremost, Doug learned worldview thinking and doing from his father, also a pastor and the reason why the extended Wilson family resides in Idaho. The elder Wilson wrote a book called Principles of War, that seeks to apply military tactics to spiritual warfare. A main lesson taught in this book is that Christians must be both “strategic” and “feasible” in their worldview thinking and living activities.

Additionly, Doug read many good books early on and learned applied Christianity from the work of diverse writers and thinkers. As both a learner and a teacher, Doug has also influenced many by his willingness to apply what he was reading and hearing.

On this episode of The Gary DeMar Podcast, Gary interviews Doug at the Fight, Laugh, Feast Conference about the beginnings of his writing and teaching ministry. They discuss the formative years of Doug’s upbringing and why he and his wife decided to start a Christian school. Doug also reveals the primary reason why his father chose Moscow, Idaho as the place to begin his own teaching ministry.

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