Christianity built the modern world. From science to music to art and architecture, the Christian worldview has influenced and informed all the “modern” technology and way of life that we (too often) take for granted.

Dr. Greg Bahnsen was known for his phrase “stolen capital.” By this he meant that anti-Christian worldviews take what they like and enjoy from the Christian worldview and apply it to their own worldview, without crediting the original source. Worse than that, they even use Christian principles to attack the Christian faith.

Pushing the Antithesis

Pushing the Antithesis

Pushing the Antithesis consists of twelve chapters that include study questions, an answer key, a glossary of terms, and a comprehensive bibliography. If you want to be equipped to present the truth of the gospel in a compelling way, then Pushing the Antithesis is required reading.

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Cornelius Van Til illustrated this idea by saying it was like a young girl slapping her father across the face. Watching this event on a train, Van Til recognized that this is how unbelievers treat God.

The girl’s behavior illustrates rebels who live in God’s world and who are supported by God’s common grace (Psa. 24:1). They sit, as it were, on the lap of God, and it is precisely because they sit on God’s lap that they are able to deliver the slap of ingratitude. Thus unbelievers who tout their own independence and autonomy are only able to do so as they are supported by God Himself (John 19:10-11). Their denial of God is His affirmation. Atheism does not invalidate theism, but proves it because atheism is only possible given the premise of theism. [1]

On today’s episode of The Gary DeMar Podcast, Gary discusses film and movies with Marcus Pittman, founder of The conversation begins with the marvels of modern medicine and surgical procedures and ends with economics. In between, Gary and Marcus discuss science, movies, television, and music and how Christianity is the foundation of all of them. Marcus reveals how is seeking to apply the crowd-funding model to entertainment choices and allowing viewers to influence what gets made.

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