Simone Biles has made her views known on killing unborn babies, what euphemistically is called being “pro-choice.” She asked her Instagram followers to share “unpopular” opinions. Some brave soul responded with the opinion that “abortion is wrong,” and Biles responded. The following is from The Christian Post

“I already know this is going to start the biggest argument & may even lose followers BUT I’m very much pro-choice.” “Your body … your choice,” she added, reciting a famous slogan of the pro-choice movement.

The Texas native who was in the foster system as a child also delivered a message to those inclined to respond to her argument by saying, “just put it up for adoption.”

“Also for everyone gonna say ‘just put it up for adoption’ it’s not that easy & coming from someone who was in the foster care system,” she added, according to USA Today. “TRUST me foster care system is broken & it’s TOUGH especially on the kids & young adults who age out & adoption is expensive … I’m just saying.

In addition to characterizing adoption as “expensive,” Biles told her followers, “Don’t even come at me if you couldn’t keep a mask on or refused to wear one.”

My questions would be, why is killing unborn babies OK and enslaving black people is not OK? What standard are you using to support being pro-abortion and anti-slavery? “If we are all biological accidents, why shouldn’t the white accidents own and sell the black accidents?”[1] She might say that a slave is a sovereign individual who can’t be bought and sold. Says who and by what standard? See my article “You’re a White Supremacist If You Don’t Believe in Evolution.”

We differ on this and other topics because of our starting point, as Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen explains in the following:

But how can we argue if there are different ultimate presuppositions? What’s the answer? Transcendentally. What provides the preconditions for the intelligibility of any argument?

The Impossibility of the Contrary

The Impossibility of the Contrary

Those who deny God have no way to account for the uniformity of nature and its laws. Natural man does have knowledge, but it is borrowed knowledge, stolen from the Christian-theistic pasture or range, yet natural man has no knowledge, because in terms of his principle the ultimacy of his thinking, he can have none, and the knowledge he possesses is not truly his own… The natural man has valid knowledge only as a thief possesses goods.

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Ultimately, it’s the transcendent God of the Bible who determines the significance of our bodies and what we can and can’t do with them. He created us. He defines us. He sets limits on what we can do. There is no more ultimate starting point in any argument. The arguments used by Biles assume her ultimacy. But she can’t ultimately account for the basis for her arguments for or against anything if she starts with “my body … my choice.”

An unborn baby is not at any time a part of a woman’s body. This is basic biology. At no time does a baby touch a woman’s body. He or she is enclosed in an amniotic sack filled with fluid. The growing baby receives his or her oxygen and food via the umbilical cord that is severed at birth. There is no comparable bodily organ that works this way. A removed kidney or appendix will never become a human being. And what happens during “the magical birth canal” that turns a non-human being with no rights into a human being with rights? (This atheist hates the “Magical Birth Canal” video. And why wouldn’t he since as an atheist he can’t account for either biological or legal life? Just saying.) At what point does an unborn baby become a biological person? Only at birth? If it’s before birth, then why are abortions legal up until the time of birth? If abortion is illegal sometime during a woman’s pregnancy, then what about one second before that point in time or one second before that second? What’s changed in the baby in that second?

Notice how lightly she regards human life. The foster care system is fraught with problems. To ensure that children who might enter that system don’t suffer any of its ill effects, we must give women the right to kill their unborn children. If this was the attitude of Biles’ biological mother, she would not be Simone Biles!

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[1]James Scott Bell, The Darwin Conspiracy (Gresham, OR: Vision House, 1995), 64.