Gary responds to an email that he received from a critic. Claiming to be a “person of the church,” the individual expresses his dissatisfaction that organizations like American Vision are “allowed to exist.” Apparently freedom of speech only extends to particular “church persons” by his definition.

The email is strangely similar to the sign someone posted on our dumpster (article here). While the emailer claims to know nothing about the sign, he does know that AV has been on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map” for years. Used primarily as a fundraising tactic, the SPLC has become flush with cash thanks to this list that is mostly a collection of Christian organizations. Scaring liberals is big money.

Apologetics 101: Defending the Christian Faith

Apologetics 101: Defending the Christian Faith

Apologetics 101 is an in-depth study of defending the Christian faith. The Greek word apologia simply means ‘defense,’ and apologetics is the art and act of giving a defense. Christian Apologetics then is the art and act of defending the Christian faith, not a proof of God in general. The Christian apologist must be ready to answer truth claims about the Bible, not claims about Hinduism, Islam, or any other false religion. The Bible makes the bold claim that Jesus is the ONLY way, and the Christian apologist must set his sights on the Bible alone, not on a defense of arbitrary theism.

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Dividing lines are becoming clear and Christians are going to be forced to make a decision. This is a worldview battle with very real consequences. Listen to Gary discuss this and much more on today’s episode of The Gary DeMar Podcast

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