C.S. Lewis famously dubbed the modern ignorance of old books to be “chronological snobbery.” Thinking that only what is produced by our own modern generation is worthy of our time and attention is not only hypocritical; it is dangerous and can lead to a variety of false assumptions both about ourselves and those that came before us.

Nowhere is this idea more evident than in the area of prophetic speculation about the “end-times.” Helicopters, bioweapons, tanks, airplanes, missiles, microchips, and so many other technological items get inserted into the pages of Scripture due to misunderstanding the real intent of the text. Events are ripped from the newspaper and used to justify all sorts of fanciful interpretations of Bible prophecy.

On today’s podcast, Gary responds to a video by Allen Parr about five signs that “prove” we are living in the end times. It’s standard dispensational stuff for the most part, all of which has been dealt with on the podcast before. But several points Parr makes in the video are unique, and worthy of discussion. Listen in to hear Gary’s response.

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