The Gospel is not just “getting people saved.” Salvation is the start of a lifetime-long journey of sanctification and growth. For too long, the Church has been abandoning its role as the “change agent” within culture and society. Cursing the darkness is much easier, because shining a light requires more effort and more time. But the fact that it’s difficult doesn’t let us off the hook. God expects His people to reflect and manifest His glory everywhere they go and in everything they do.

The Need for Applied Calvinism

The Need for Applied Calvinism

Humility must drive us to obedience, freedom to faithfulness, and awe to action. In our awe we must find his law, and apply it to every area of life. If we are merely attending church every week but not progressing in these matters, we need to question seriously whether we have truly begun to mature in our Christianity. We may need to ask if we have really even understood its implications much at all. So you're a Calvinist. Now what?

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In Chapter 7 of Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths, Gary discusses the claim that the Church should not be involved in social and cultural issues. The Bible is God’s Word and we live in God’s World, so we should certainly expect that His Word should be applicable to His world. Throughout history, the Church has been a powerful agent for change in the world; that belief needs to be taught and lived once again.

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