Movements for change require leaders, but they also require those willing to do the everyday work. While most people have their eyes trained on the captivating individual at the forefront, the real change is coming from deeper inside. Somewhere in the “middle management” of the change movement is where the real work gets done.

History 101: Lessons from the Past

History 101: Lessons from the Past

History 101 is an overview course designed to help Christians understand their place in the historical timeline. With study materials in audio, video, and print, History 101 will give the student of history much to think about. This course will point the way forward by revealing how we got where we are. You will be thrilled and encouraged by the stories from ancient and not-so-ancient history.

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This is the first part of several of an interview that Gary recorded with Rev. Mickey Schneider. Pastor Schneider has been instrumental in many of the important events that have transpired in Reformed Christianity in the last 50 years. He knows everyone and has been everywhere. In many ways, Pastor Schneider helped lead the modern resurgence of Reformed theology while never being its leader.

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