Gary continues his interview with Luke and Joy from Apologia Radio.

“Religion supports valor by inspiring faith in the providence of God. Every Christian believes that the purposes and plans of God include, either directly or permissively, all the events of time, and that such are the resources of Divine power, wisdom, and goodness, that all things will be overruled to the final triumph of right. This is one of the reasons why those Christians whose theology lays great stress on the Divine purposes appear in history as such sturdy soldiers; in Switzerland, France, Scotland, England, and America. The Huguenots, the Covenanters, the Puritans—who have dared or sacrificed more than these? They felt that they were in God’s hands, with the place of their lives and the hour and mode of their death marked out, and they had no other concern than to go forward under the guidance and protection of Divine Providence.

The saint is bold in war because he has faith in God as pledged to sustain the right. He strikes hard, he takes aim coolly and accurately, because his strength has been summoned forth and his nerves steadied by fervent prayer and a conviction that God is with him. He kneels before he fires; he deals no blow without faith that God will make it effectual; he carries a rifle in his hand and a Bible in his pocket; and, like Cromwell’s army, he ‘trusts in God and keeps his powder dry.’ Fighting in a good cause being part of his religion, he scruples not, but is zealous, rather, to do it well, that it may not need to be done again.

“This trust in God as the defender of right is conspicuous in the conduct and words of the warriors mentioned in the Bible. The general of the forces of Israel, in the battle with the Ammonites, made this address to the troops —‘Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people and for the cities of our God; and the Lord do that which seemeth him right.’”

The appointment of Washington as commander-in-chief of the American armies was, as John Adams beautifully said, “a providential inspiration;” and his Christian character and principles, in harmony with the righteousness of the cause at stake, gave the happiest auspices of final victory.

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Gary continues his interview with Luke and Joy from Apologia Radio. The conversations begins with historical artifacts and moves to how a Christian should think about national defense. A show of force is important and can help keep the peace at times, but at other times it can be a hindrance to foreign relations and evangelizing.

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