In this final part of his interview with Dr. Gary North, Gary DeMar asks what can be done right now.

The God of the Bible is one and many. The Christian community is a unity, but it is also diverse. There are unifying themes that every Christian and every Christian community must acknowledge as fundamental. There are also applications of basic principle that only a few people may be aware of or concerned with. What we need is a generation of Christians who dedicate themselves to getting an intellectual and practical grasp of the general truths of the faith, yet who at the same time devote time, resources, and prayer to mastering at least one specialized area in order to bring it under the rule of Christ. Every Christian should be called upon to give serious consideration to God’s standards in his own sphere of influence. The community as a whole should have these specialists on tap at any time, so that they can contribute their expertise to the dominion assignment.

Military organizations understand this principle. There are dedicated specialists in every military organization who can be relied on to supply detailed and accurate knowledge to troop commanders whenever conditions call for it. A good commander knows enough about the various fields under his command that he knows when to call for assistance, whom to call to give it, and how to integrate it into the overall operations of the army. Commanders like this are rare. They must be widely read. They must understand the whole picture. They must be able to spot productive subordinates. They need to be able to sift through the irrelevant details to locate the relevant details. They have to act fast. They have to act decisively. They have to bear full responsibility for their decisions. Without people like these, no army can be victorious.

Our overwhelming advantage as Christians is that we have such a Supreme Allied Commander. God has knowledge of the whole and the details. He knows where every subordinate is, what he can accomplish, and how he can be used best. God knows both the whole and the particulars. Satan, though a powerful creature, cannot know the whole and the particulars. Satan is like a juggler who is having an increasing number of oranges tossed at him. He is juggling furiously, but God keeps tossing in more and more oranges. Satan doesn’t have the ability to match God on the battlefield. Besides, he is suffering from the effects of a mortal blow. He is a bleeding, overworked juggler.

Unconditional Surrender

Unconditional Surrender

A primer in the Christian faith, Unconditional Surrender provides readers curious about the Bible with the blueprint of a biblical worldview. Using the Bible's basic teachings about God, man, law, judgment, and time—and illustrating how these beliefs affect society at large—Gary North wades in at the heart of the battle in today's culture war, and shows that the Bible has the answers modern science and socialism lack.

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In this final part of his interview with Dr. Gary North, Gary DeMar asks what can be done right now. What should concerned Christians be doing to stop the seemingly overwhelming tide of governmental increase and tyranny? How can/should the Church respond?

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