Gary discusses a Canadian powerlifter who has been suspended from competition for protesting men being allowed to compete in women’s categories.

There are many worldviews around today, and the postmodernist believes that it is his responsibility to critique each one. Worldviews must be “flattened out,” so that no one particular approach or belief is more “true” than any other. What constitutes truth, then, is relative to the individual or community holding the belief.

Whereas modernism and Christianity clashed by each claiming truth, postmodernism attacks the concept of truth itself. For postmodernism, truth is simply “what works for you.” Postmodernism, then, claims to be not so much an orthodoxy (a positive belief system or worldview), as an orthopraxy (a series of methods for analysis).

In the postmodern world, man does not sit back and passively receive knowledge about the world; rather, man’s interpretation is reality. This confusion of subject and object has correctly labeled postmodernism as nihilistic and relativistic. Nothing is absolute; logic, science, history, and morality are merely the products of individual experience and interpretation.

The postmodernist will declare that reality is only what we perceive it to be. By adopting such a view, however, he now has a problem. As such, reality is unknowable. Charles Mackenzie observes: “If in knowing an object the human mind virtually creates knowledge, the question has been raised then, What is the external world when it is not being perceived?” For the postmodernist, the only thing that can be known is personal experience and interpretations of that experience. Man can know nothing in any absolute sense. All one has is his own finite, limited experience. Logic, science, history, and ethics are human disciplines that must, and do, reflect human insufficiency and subjectivity.

In issues of morality, no one particular view is foundational. Rather, each culture’s, and ultimately each individual’s, view of ethics is just as valid as the next. This view is the basis for “multiculturalism” and the “political correctness” movement in today’s society. Rather than affirming any one morality as absolute, every person’s moral persuasion must be respected no matter what it is, and language must be revised so as to erase all offensive and narrow-minded perspectives.

Thinking Straight in a Crooked World

Thinking Straight in a Crooked World

The nursery rhyme "There Was a Crooked Man" is an appropriate description of how sin affects us and our world. We live in a crooked world of ideas evaluated by crooked people. Left to our crooked nature, we can never fully understand what God has planned for us and His world. God has not left us without a corrective solution. He has given us a reliable reference point in the Bible so we can identify the crookedness and straighten it.

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Gary discusses a Canadian powerlifter who has been suspended from competition for protesting men being allowed to compete in women’s categories. The transgender ideology is infiltrating sports and athletes are being silenced when they speak out about the unfair nature of forcing biological women to compete against biological men.

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