Gary discusses the economic and the biological differences between men’s and women’s sports.

Christian apologetics begins by establishing an authoritative starting point. Like Archimedes (287?–212 B.C.), who once boasted that given the proper lever and a place to stand, he could “move the earth,” the Christian apologist seeks to base his defense on a secure foundation to move the hearts and minds of sinners to embrace the eternal hope found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. But where would Archimedes stand to “move the earth”? He couldn’t stand on the earth to move the earth. Archimedes needed a place to stand (pou sto) outside the earth, a solid place independent of the earth he wanted to move. His lever also needed a fulcrum. This, too, had to rest on something other than the earth.

Atlas had a similar problem when he was condemned by Zeus to stand eternally at the western end of the earth to hold up the sky. (In artistic renderings, Atlas is depicted as holding up the world.) But what is Atlas standing upon? And what is what he’s standing upon standing upon? (You can see where this is going!)

An often told story has a modern philosopher lecturing on the solar system. An old lady in the audience avers: Earth rests upon a large turtle. “What does this turtle stand on?” the speaker needles. “A far larger turtle.” As the scholar persists, his challenger retorts: “You are very clever but it is no use, young man. It’s turtles all the way down.”

“Turtles all the way down” is the atheist’s dilemma. Instead of turtles, it’s finite humans all the way down. No matter what the worldview, there comes a point in time when a resting point must be admitted. Anyone involved in debate over any topic must deal with the issue of a sound and fixed starting point. It is fundamental. All debate will finally come to rest on a starting point that has no other place to go for a foundation. It’s the bedrock of worldview support.

Think Straight in a Crooked World

Think Straight in a Crooked World

The nursery rhyme "There Was a Crooked Man" is an appropriate description of how sin affects us and our world. We live in a crooked world of ideas evaluated by crooked people. Left to our crooked nature, we can never fully understand what God has planned for us and His world. God has not left us without a corrective solution. He has given us a reliable reference point in the Bible so we can identify the crookedness and straighten it.

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Gary discusses the economic and the biological differences between men’s and women’s sports. People must (and do) ignore both the market and the obvious differences between men and women in order to bring in the equality and parity argument in sports. A short lesson in both economics and sports is Gary’s response.

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