Pushback is beginning against the “cancel culture” and Southwest Airlines, Netflix, and the NFL are right in the middle of it. In the upside-down world of today’s politics and culture, there are celebrities and groups getting silenced and/or shouted down for “unapproved” facts and beliefs. These attempts to shut down freedom of speech are not going unnoticed.

The Impossibility of the Contrary

The Impossibility of the Contrary

Those who deny God have no way to account for the uniformity of nature and its laws. Natural man does have knowledge, but it is borrowed knowledge, stolen from the Christian-theistic pasture or range, yet natural man has no knowledge, because in terms of his principle the ultimacy of his thinking, he can have none, and the knowledge he possesses is not truly his own. The natural man has valid knowledge only as a thief possesses goods.

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On today’s episode, Gary discusses businesses and individuals that are getting “canceled” for unpopular beliefs and ideas. Long gone is the First Amendment’s protection of speech; the mainstream media is making sure that only approved and inoffensive (by their definition) speech is being heard. But the cracks in the censorship are starting to grow as people from every walk of life are beginning to point out the nakedness of the emperor.

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