Today’s podcast is the second part of Gary’s response to the online debate he had with Dr. Michael Brown about Matthew 24.

If Jesus had wanted to specify the generation to whom He was speaking, how would He have said it if “this generation” doesn’t mean the generation to whom He was speaking and “you” does not mean them? Does anyone believe that those who heard Jesus thought He had some different generation in view?

The Olivet Discourse is fulfilled prophecy. To believe otherwise is to call into question the truthfulness of Scripture. Anyone reading Matthew 24:34 for the first time knows what it says. It takes “experts” to convince them that it means something different from what it says. Jesus said that the generation of His day would see all “these things” (Matt. 24:33) take place.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Wars and Rumors of Wars

A first-century interpretation of the Olivet Discourse was once common in commentaries and narrative-style books that describe the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. There is also a history of skeptics who turn to Bible prophecy and claim Jesus was wrong about the timing of His coming at ‘the end of the age’ and the signs associated with it.

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What did Jesus mean when He said “This generation shall not pass away until all these things take place”? Futurists like Dr. Brown reinterpret this simple statement to basically mean “that generation,” meaning a generation far in the future from the one to whom Jesus was speaking in the first century. But this reinterpretation is fraught with problems and inconsistencies, as Gary points out in today’s podcast.

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