Gary responds to a few individuals that took issue with his previous podcast about working for change within the current governmental system.

Are we to believe that in all the times the Bible has been preached or taught that the subject of politics should never come up? How does a minister preach and teach and not touch on the politics found, for example, in Exodus, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, the prophets, and the politics of the New Testament (e.g., Matt. 22:21; Acts 16:22–40; 22:22–30; Rom. 13:1–4)?

Preachers and teachers are not to “shrink from declaring the whole purpose of God” (Acts 20:27). If a topic is in the Bible, then pastors are obligated to preach on it. R. J. Rushdoony wrote on this topic:

What is the relation of clergy and politics? Should men in the pulpit speak out on social and political questions, and, if so, under what circumstances? Answer: The clergy cannot faithfully expound the Word of God without dealing with virtually every social and political question. The Bible speaks not only about salvation but about God’s law with respect to the state, money, land, natural resources, just weights and measures, criminal law, and a variety of other subjects. The clergy are not to intermeddle in politics, but they must proclaim the Word of God. There is a difference: political intermeddling is a concern over partisan issues: preaching should be concerned with Biblical doctrines irrespective of persons and parties.

People ask why young people are leaving the church. In some cases, it’s because they don’t see any real-world relevance. Yes, when they die, they’ll go to heaven, but what do they do until then? God created the world and established its boundaries and rules for living in every area of life. The justice system we have today was at some time largely based on biblical law. The laws that are being overturned today for the most part are laws that Christians spent centuries implementing. Let’s tell young people about our history.

Restoring the Foundation of Civilization

Restoring the Foundation of Civilization

There are many Christians who will not participate in civilization-building efforts that include economics, journalism, politics, education, and science because they believe (or have been taught to believe) these areas of thought are outside the realm of what constitutes a Christian worldview. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Gary responds to a few individuals that took issue with his previous podcast about working for change within the current governmental system. While what they say is true to some extent, it misses the point that we are living in the system either way. Should we remain passive and quiet, even when we have the ability to voice our opinions and effect change? Paul did not remain quiet and neither should we.

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