A recent film was a spectacular box-office failure for several reasons, and speaks volumes about public support for the gay ideology.

In 2006, Larry David wrote this in the New York Times: “Somebody had to write this, and it might as well be me. I haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain, nor do I have any intention of seeing it.” He writes this as something of an apology. Like it is expected that all good left-leaning socialites have an obligation to endure this film. David won’t have it though, he won’t play by their rules. Even though, he says, “I love gay people. Hey I’ve got gay acquaintances. Good acquaintances, who know they can call me anytime if they had my phone number.” Of course, good and acquaintance don’t quite go together. Sort of like jumbo and shrimp. But this is the unwritten code, the secret handshake between the moderate liberal and the gay community. We’ll support you all in the idea of gay, just don’t make us look at it.

Gay guys always seem like they’re having a great time. At the Christmas party I went to, they were the only ones who sang. Boy that looked like fun. I would love to sing, but this weighty, self-conscious heterosexuality I’m saddled with won’t permit it… I’m for gay marriage, gay divorce, gay this and gay that. I just don’t want to watch two straight men, alone on the prairie, fall in love and kiss and hug and hold hands and whatnot. That’s all. Is that so terrible? Does that mean I’m homophobic? And if I am, well, then that’s too bad. Because you can call me any name you want, but I’m still not going to that movie.

Larry David is happy with the stereotype, thank you very much, and he doesn’t want any clearer mental image than he already has to ruin it. All of this could have larger ramifications than we realize. There are a great many moderates out there, like David, that are all for “gay this, and gay that,” but are unsettled by visual propaganda. Brokeback Mountain was designed to break down stereotypes, and change people’s minds. But, just like Larry David, they may end up wishing that they had left this taboo alone. Breaking down these stereotypes may just blow up in their face…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Two movies are discussed on today’s episode, one recent and one from more than a decade ago. Bros and Brokeback Mountain are separated by 16 years but both were agenda-driven propaganda pieces for the homosexual lifestyle. Bros was a spectacular box-office failure for several reasons, and speaks volumes about public support for the gay ideology.

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