What do the 1949 movie “Adam’s Rib” and transgender sports have in common? Find out on today’s podcast.

The transgender chickens are coming home to roost. It’s no longer just bathrooms. Sports are being affected by the fiction of transgenderism. If a boy identifies as a girl, then why can’t he/she compete with girls in basketball, softball, or track and field? Given “transgender” logic, it would be discriminatory to deny a “transgender” boy-to-girl the right to compete with the girls.

Case in point:

“High school girls in Alaska are crying foul after a male sprinter took home all-state honors in girls’ track and field. According to local reports, it was the first time in Alaskan history that a male athlete competed in the girls’ state championships.

“Haines senior Nattaphon Wangyot advanced to the state finals in the 100-meter and 200-meter events. He won fifth place in the 100-meter dash and third place in the 200-meter. In both events, he competed against girls as young as ninth grade.” (Source)

It’s only in the other planet world of transgender mandates that DNA and biology are of no scientific or rational relevance. (The same is true for abiogenesis and global warming.) When there’s an agenda to pursue, science need not apply.

Instinctively and empirically we all know men and women are not equal when it comes to sports. That’s why there are men and women versions of the same sport.

Theonomy: An Informed Response

Theonomy: An Informed Response

Covenants are inescapable concepts. It is never a question of covenant vs. no covenant; it is always a question of whose covenant. If a Christian says that there is no legitimate Christian civil covenant in New Testament times, he is necessarily saying that Christendom is not a biblically valid goal in history.

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Gary discusses an interview he read with a female track and field athlete about what she believes would be the end of sports if transexuals are allowed to compete in opposite gender events. This interview made Gary think of a movie from 1949 called Adam’s Rib with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. What do the two have in common? You’ll need to listen to find out…

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