Gary interviews his longtime friend, Kirk Cameron, about how he came to embrace a new view of Christianity and the world.

One of the reasons we are in this cultural and political mess is partly due to a misunderstanding of particular prophetic texts that claim to teach that the “rapture of the church” is inevitably near (for 2000 years?). Why do battle when “the Antichrist” is inevitably going to take over the world that will lead to the death of billions of people?

I’ll let Kirk Cameron, formerly known as the “Left Behind Guy,” explain that the job of the Church is “to push back darkness and stop corruption and disciple nations with the power that raised Him from the dead in a kingdom which wins; it doesn’t lose. Greater is He who is within us than he that is in the world.” As Jerry Bowyer in his interview with Cameron describes it, “In other words, go ahead and polish the brass. Swab the decks, scrape the hull, stoke the coal, grab the wheel and full-steam ahead. This ship is going forward, not down.”

In an interview, Kirk Cameron listed some of his heroes of the faith by naming St. Patrick, John Knox, Martin Luther, the Puritans and the pilgrims:

They were being run out of the country by a woke mob and what did they do? They didn’t put their head between their knees and cry in their Chick-Fil-A soup and wait for the rapture while the culture deteriorated. They read their Bibles. And they got on a little boat, and they sailed across the world to start a new society that would later become the freest, strongest, most benevolent and generous nation the world has ever known.

The promised false hope is that Christians will miraculously escape this soon coming “Great Tribulation” that the latest reiteration of the Left Behind film franchise depicts. Watch it, the tagline tells us, so you won’t have to experience the horrors of the Great Tribulation and possibly go to hell! But what if the entire Left Behind approach to Bible prophecy is more fiction than fact? That’s what this book is about.

Left Behind: Separating Fact from Fiction

Left Behind: Separating Fact from Fiction

Will Any Actually Be Left Behind? You might think so, if you've read Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series (written with Jerry Jenkins). You can be convinced that the Bible specifically teaches that in the end times Christians will be rescued from a terrible seven-year tribulation period while unbelievers will remain on earth to be subjected to countless horrors at the hands of the antichrist. In Left Behind: Separating Fact From Fiction, Gary DeMar takes a critical look at the theology behind this popular fiction series and challenges readers to consider a different interpretation.

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Gary interviews his longtime friend, Kirk Cameron, about how he came to embrace a new view of Christianity and the world. Kirk explains how he met Marshall Foster, how he came in contact with Gary DeMar, and what he is doing now. Spoiler Alert: He is taking his victorious Christian faith to the streets and libraries near you.

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