Gary discusses recent political battles around the country focusing on schools, the Bible, and prayer.

Many Christians attempt to reach either the atheist or the agnostic by saying something to this effect: “I will set aside my belief in God so that I can prove to you that He exists. I will not depend upon my faith, so that I can show you that God’s existence is reasonable and not just my personal bias.” These “neutral” apologists will also maintain: “I believe that there are good, independent, unbiased reasons that can lead you to the conclusion that God exists.” Unfortunately, this “neutral” approach is neither biblical nor effective.

Christians must be committed to biblically-warranted procedures for defending the faith. The biblical defense is not only different from the attempted neutrality approach, but it is the exact opposite. Christians must not set aside their faith commitment even temporarily in an attempt to approach the unbeliever on “neutral ground.”

Because Jesus Christ is the solid foundation of every believer, Christians must reject the “myth of neutrality” and affirm that God alone is the starting point in their reasoning. The unbeliever will challenge you to build your case for God on neutral ground, without building on your foundation in God. Be warned! If you don’t start with God as your basic assumption, you can’t prove anything. The assumption of God’s existence is essential to all reasoning.

Pushing the Antithesis

Pushing the Antithesis

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Political battles around the country are focusing on schools, the Bible, and prayer. Critics want the Bible and prayer removed from schools, yet also want other things added. Everyone has an agenda and seeks to impose their view of the world on others. There is no neutrality.

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