The World Can't Wait: The October 5th Non-Event

Muslims are killing other Muslims, blowing up planes, trains, and nightclubs, threatening to wipe Israel off the map, warning the Pope that if he comes to Turkey he will be killed, and promising to take over the world and force everyone to bow before Allah in a convert-or-die evangelistic thrust. So when I saw a full-page advertisement in the September 20, 2006 issue of USA Today warning America a [...]

Would Jesus Use VeggieTales?

As expected, I received an email defending VeggieTales as a way to introduce very young children to the Bible. As I pointed out in yesterday’s article, bringing Bible stories down to the level of children so they can understand them is a good thing, but the stories must be faithful to what the Bible actually says. It’s the retelling of Bible stories by VeggieTellers that drives me out of my gourd. [...]

VeggieTating? Try Meaty Tales!

If you like your roast beef with gravy If you talk to your pork chop If you smile when you see baloney And hang out at the butcher’s shop . . . (Have we got a show for you!) MeatyTales, MeatyTales, MeatyTales, MeatyTales, MeatyTales, MeatyTales, MeatyTales, MeatyTales . . . Bacon . . . Fillet Mignon . . . Turn the grill on . . . MeatyTales! Barbeque . . . [...]

What Would the Founders Have Done?

Richard Brookhiser has written a new book that asks the question, “What Would the Founders Do?”[1] Of course, in answering this question, it matters what founders we ask. This is especially true when the issue of religion comes up. There is a diversity opinion among leading founders like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.[2] But these men are better described as second and third [...]

Give Peace a Chance

John Lennon had the right idea, but he didn’t account for the fact that at least one person wanted him dead. I’m all for peace until somebody wants to kill me. In the “On Religion” section of USA Today, Oliver “Buzz” Thomas appeals to the Bible to declare that Christians should work for peace in the world.[1] I couldn’t agree more. Christian leaders should call for an international summit to estab [...]

Environmental Doomsayers Strike Again

The latest environmental prediction is that planet earth has about ten good years left. “ I think we have a very brief window of opportunity to deal with climate change … no longer than a decade, at the most, ” says James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Just last year we were told that 2006 was going to be another overly active hurricane season based on globa [...]

It's Not all Rosie

Homosexuals have commandeered the entertainment business. It seems that every movie or TV program has a token homosexual featured in unnecessary story-line roles so viewers will grow numb to the idea that their behavior is what’s at issue. How many times have you watched Home and Garden Television (HGTV) to see a show featuring homosexual “couples” and their new homes or renovation projects? It’s [...]

Newsweek Gets it Right (sort of)

The September 11, 2006 issue of Newsweek carried a news item in the “Beliefwatch” section on the candidacy of Katherine Harris and the topic of the “separation of church and state.”[1] The article begins by stating “that Katherine Harris recently told a religious journal that separation of church and state was ‘a lie,’ . . . that the idea of separation of church and state was concocted by 20th-cen [...]

The Atheists are Coming! The Atheists are Coming!

You’ve read the screeds that have been written to warn middle America about the dangers of fundamentalist Christians and their involvement in politics and their continued fight against the “science” of evolution. A small but vocal group of atheists say that all this must stop. Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith which has sold 270,000 since its publication after the events of 9/11, equates reli [...]

Sola Scriptura Revisited: Dealing from the Middle of the Deck

About ten years ago I wrote an article on the topic of Sola Scriptura. It was a response to former Protestants Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s book Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism.[1] Since then, the article has made its way around the internet. It was never meant to be a comprehensive study of the subject. Since I had been raised Roman Catholic, I was responding to some of the arguments rai [...]

Should Public Schools be Supported by Christians?

A few days ago I received an email from Jim. He was upset with my dogmatic stance on the need for Christians to abandon “public schools,” that is, schools run by local, state, and federal governments. I offered a number of exceptions to his points in the following article. In a later email, he did apologize for some of his statements. He even admitted that his “daughter home schools her three chil [...]

The Brights Have Gone Dim

Two articles that appeared on American Vision’s website have caused quite a stir among some in the so-called Brights Movement (Putting on a “Bright” Face and A Bright Responds). Peter, “an ex-evangelical Christian,” writes to me that he is “disappointed that” I’ve been “less than honest and objective about this subject. Do you think that really honours your God?,” he asks. He goes on t [...]

The Baloney of Strict Constructionism

In the Empire Strikes Back, “Episode V,” in the six-part Star Wars saga, viewers are introduced to the Cloud City of Bespin and its ruler Lando Calrissian. Cloud City was a man-made satellite community that hovered in the midst of valuable gas reserves. The image of a city floating in the midst of clouds reminds me of the United States Constitution. Without acknowledging an outside authority—a hig [...]

So What are You Going to do About It?

Adolf Hitler “Nazified” Germany, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to “homosexualize” California. Extreme language? I don’t think so. The governor signed a bill that would require all schools, churches, businesses, and any group receiving state funding with no exception for faith-based organizations or business owners with sincerely held religious convictions—even if it’s a state grant for a stud [...]

Katrina a Year Later

The blame game will continue as politicians and political action groups jockey for position and funding for the upcoming elections in 2006 and 2008. Acts of heroism, self-sacrifice, and just plain hard work will be rightly honored. Religious organizations will gain new respect from the people being ministered to in both body and spirit. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast will probably be rebuilt after [...]

The Scourge of Dr. Strangelove Democracy

The talk from both ends of the political spectrum is that “democracy” will cure the ills of Iraq, Iran, and the surrounding Muslim nations. What if the “liberated” people of Iraq, with their newly acquired right to vote, decide that they want a Taliban-style social and political system whose goal is to defeat the infidel West and impose Sharia law on all Muslims? Democracy in the hands of wild-eye [...]

Relying on Saul's Armor

Rome saw the connection between religion and the social order, and Christianity posed a threat to the old-time Roman religion because it did not make politics the sole agent of change. Israel’s past, however, was replete with visions of political salvation. Early in her history, God allowed Israel to experience what it would be like in a wholesale rejection of Jehovah (1 Sam. 8). The people were u [...]

Choosing Sides This Side of Heaven

Two opinions vie for our attention in current Christian thinking regarding the legitimacy of social involvement and kingdom demonstration this side of heaven.[1] The escapist view proposes that gospel proclamation is the church’s singular duty and no more. Concern for this world is a distraction. Heaven, and heaven alone, is the Christian’s calling and sole domain. The Christian’s citizenship is o [...]

The Assurance of Things Hoped For

The Christian is assured of the future. He does not have to concern himself with eschatological speculations. The “times and epochs” are God’s business (Acts 1:7). They are set by His sovereign will. There is no need to speculate on what is next on God’s prophetic timetable or despair and capitulate to evil when considering present circumstances. For whatever the future holds, we know that God hol [...]

Can America Be Saved?

Is it possible to change a society? Has there ever been a time in history when progress could be measured against the spiritual and cultural decay of a previous era? When the church suffers a setback after a period of progress, is this a sign of the end, or does the possibility exist that God will graciously redeem and restore His people? What has the church’s position been toward social reform? [...]