Introduction to American Vision
Five free resources (and one bonus) in one. Learn what American Vision is all about with these e-books and talks featuring AV President, Gary DeMar. Get all six of these educational and biblically-informed products for free. It’s a great introduction to what American Vision seeks to do when it says “Restoring America’s Biblical Foundation”!

Clearing the Prophetic Chessboard: A Defense of Postmillennialism
Get Gary’s extensive outline for the two-part talk that he gave at “A Purchased Victory” conference in December, 2020.

The Need for Applied Calvinism
Our humility must drive us to obedience, our freedom to faithfulness, and our awe to action. In our awe we must find his law, and apply it to every area of life. If we are merely attending church every week but not progressing in these matters, we need to question seriously whether we have truly begun to mature in our Calvinism. We may need to ask if we have really even understood its implications much at all. So you’re a Calvinist. Now what?

Developing a Biblical Worldview
In this short ebook, Gary DeMar gives solid and clear direction for developing a truly biblical view of the world. God did not leave us to “figure it out” for ourselves, nor did He create a simplistic world devoid of gray areas. But He has given us principles–defined by His own character–that inform and guide our steps: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105). Scripture is the only enduring and authoritative standard.

The Rapture Debate
On January 21, 2020, Kent Hovind and Gary DeMar debated Daniel 9. Among other things, they discuss the rapture, the church age, the difference between Jews and the church, and many other standard dispensationalist interpretations of Bible prophecy.

The Godfather Government
The crime underworld of the Corleone family in the famous Godfather books and movies is really nothing more than an alternate government. The predatory politics and violent methods of the Godfather are criminal. Everyone understands this. But what is considered criminal when practiced by the Godfather, all of a sudden becomes “government policy” in legislation coming from Washington.

Five Pillars of Biblical Success
It is a well-known fact in the book publishing industry that there are two kinds of books that always have a ready market: diet books and self-help books on personal success. But this book is not a diet book. It is not a self-help book, either.

But it is surely a book on personal success.