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The New Control Word is ‘Health’

There are different ways to control people. Rarely do you find a tyrant begin by lining up people in front of a ditch and executing them. Many small steps led to the final solution. At first, the Jews were denigrated by being forced to wear a badge that identified them as Jews. Then they were […]

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SCOTUS Has become the Ruler of the Nation

In 1987, I wrote a book for the ten-volume Biblical Blueprint series titled Ruler of the Nations: Biblical Principles for Government. Inspired by the title of the book, my friend and musician Craig Pitman wrote the song “Ruler of the Nations.” I haven’t seen Craig for some time, but I follow him on Facebook. Recently […]

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Made Into a Demigod Because of this One Thing

It’s not what a person says that matters; it’s what a person does. The Bible is very clear on this: Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? So […]

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Secular Nationalism is All the Rage ... And I Mean Rage

On September 10, I attended and participated in the “‘Get Louder’ Faith Summit: Fighting for the Soul of the Nation” at Liberty University with Mike Huckabee, Eric Metaxas, Mark David Hall, Jay Reynolds, Tom Ascol, Rod Martin, Ralph Reed, Virgil Walker, Aubrey Shines, Charlie Kirk, former U.S. Rep. Dave Brat, Kim Klacik, Jenna Ellis, Kathy […]

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Some Dangerous Voting Trends Among Christians

The 2020 election has brought forth a number of cantankerous Christian groupings when it comes to voting patterns. Some of these have a longer history. The first group contends that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. It’s pretty clear that in 2020 there is more than a dime’s worth […]

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Get Louder: Faith Summit 2020

Gary DeMar will be part of a panel discussion at Liberty University this afternoon called "Re-opening the American Mind" at 2PM(EST). He will be speaking with Eric Metaxas, Jay Wesley Richards, and Dr. Mark David Hall. The discussion is part of a larger event called GET LOUDER: Faith Summit 2020, which is an all day […]

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Romantic Revolutionaries: The Myth that Order Arises Out of Chaos

The religion of something from nothing, order out of chaos origins is a popular creation myth developed out of thin air by materialist philosophers who can't account for the matter they say gave rise to you and me. What we are seeing in cities that espouse the fundamentals of something from nothing scientism is a […]

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Anonymous Sources and Biblical Law

An article in The Atlantic claimed that President Trump said some nasty things about the military, “belittled fallen military members by calling them ‘suckers’ and ‘losers.’” There were other anti-military comments made as well as some other allegations regarding visiting cemeteries. The Atlantic article stated the following: “These sources, and others quoted in this article, spoke […]

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Answering a Christian Never Trumper

I received the following email. I’m sure there are other Christians who hold a similar view: From my perspective it is no less despicable for Christians to hitch their wagon to Donald Trump and his Republican enablers than it is to give ground to the Democrats and their agendas. Trump is the most vile, dishonest, unprincipled, […]

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The “Good Old Days”—They Were Mostly Terrible

Yesterday I received Otto L. Bettmann’s book The Good Old Days—They Were Terrible (1974). When I wrote and produced the first volume of my three-book series God and Government, some of the images I used came from the famous Bettmann Archive collection of photographs and prints. Bettmann’s book is a collection of some of the […]

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Black Sports Stars Squandering their Moral Capital

These "social conscience" sports stars have misdirected their financial and moral capital. Everyone knows that black-on-black crime is much more pervasive than white policemen killing black people, and that’s not something to be dismissed or made light of. Little or nothing is said or done about the daily murder rate among blacks in a city […]

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Some Evangelicals are Urging Christians to Vote for Joe Biden

I was shocked to read that Tremper Longman III, former professor at Westminster Theological Seminary who presently serves Westmont College as a distinguished scholar of biblical studies is urging Christians to vote for the Biden-Harris presidential ticket and with it all the apparatus of the Democrat Party. He wrote the following to me after I […]

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