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Are Pastors Finally Getting the Message about Politics?

In 2000, John MacArthur wrote a book with the title Why Government Can’t Save You. [1] When this book first appeared, I wrote that I didn’t know any Christians who believed government can or should save us. The subtitle led the reader to believe that getting involved politically was not an option for Christians. The […]

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Top Ten Reasons Chief Justice Roberts' SCOTUS Obamacare Decision Is Bogus

A week and a day ago, the U.S. Supreme Court released the most notoriously harmful decision it has announced since "Lawrence v. Texas" in 2003. Like "Lawrence," it broke from the clear and plain text of the U.S. Constitution to give federal backing to a biblically immoral practice. It was somewhat amusing, however, last week [...]

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How the States Are Funding Abortion & How to Stop It

Sometimes it’s possible for us to become so obsessed with winning the war that we fail to win the battle right in front of us. A few months ago I had the honor of serving with State Senator Mike Crane (R-Newnan) in the Georgia state legislature. In performing research for him, we discovered something that […]

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How God Used Margaret Thatcher to Turn the Tide of the Twentieth Century

"In war, as in economics, it was [Prime Minister Thatcher's] moralistic certainty, not her gender, which set her apart from her male colleagues, enabling her to grasp risks they would have baulked at." John Campbell, The Iron Lady 192 (Penguin Books, 2009). Two principled political leaders of Great Britain in the last century rescued not only their own […]

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George Washington: The Christian

When we speak of the Christianity of George Washington, we should clarify both what we mean and what we do not mean. We do not mean that George Washington was a modern-day evangelical. He did not shop at Family Christian Bookstores. He did not attend Wednesday evening church. He did not listen to Steve Green […]

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Are Lobbying, Rallying Voters, Organizing Protests, and Harnessing the Evangelical Movement UnChristian?

There is a reason we call the revelation given to us from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 the “Bible.” The Greek word biblos (βίβλος) — from which we get the English word Bible — means “book.” The Bible is one book even though it has 66 (39 + 27) individual parts. No single verse can […]

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Hitler’s War on Christmas

Every December a battle ensues over the acknowledgement that the 25th is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s called Christmas. Retailers who make a boat load of money during the Christmas season have tried to walk the narrow line of political correctness by using the less religious “Happy Holidays” greeting. They don’t […]

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The Job of Political Cleanup

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.”― Mark Twain Your husband hears your five-week old baby crying. You know the problem. She has a dirty diaper. You know what needs to be done. Her diaper needs changing. You're tired. The baby's been cranky all day, and you […]

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Church Bullied by Liberal Group to Shut Up or Else

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AC) “is calling on the Internal Revenue Service to look into allegations that Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tenn., is violating restrictions for posting a link to a pro-family organization on its website.” What restrictions? The First Amendment does not prohibit churches from speaking out on any […]

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We Should Stop Persecuting Fornicators

The media has been all over Arnold Schwarzenegger for his extramarital affairs, much like the outcry over Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton's affairs. Other sexual lifestyles such as homosexuality, bi-sexuality and the transgendered are widely accepted and even praised. Why is there this double standard? Maybe some people are born fornicators. Find out more in this episode of Vantage Point.

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Do You Really Want Washington to Make Budget Cuts?

In America's current economic state, many propose cutting the budget. But when you get down to talking of cutting specific programs such as Medicare, Social Security or government education people start to balk. Most people are not willing to give up a government program that they benefit from, but ultimately we will have to give […]

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Driving the Left and Right Crazy

Glenn Beck is driving the Left and the Right crazy. Beck co-opted the Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream” celebration and turned it into a near religious revival. This drove Al Sharpton up the wall. His counter event was a non-event. Many on the Right are condemning the efforts of Beck because he’s […]

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