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My Response to John Piper's 'Paths to Ruin' Article

Pastors are supposed to be prophets, not in the sense of foretelling but in forthtelling. The Old Testament prophets were critical of the immoral—lawless—actions of Israel’s religious and civil leaders, and they were never nice about it (e.g., Jer. 2:20; 3:1–3; Jer. 5:7–8). Jesus was equally critical and used harsh language to call out the […]

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Christians, Politics, and the Upcoming Election

This November’s election will be the most impacting election our nation has faced because it deals with two opposing political philosophies. Being informed on the platforms of each political party is important to make intelligent decisions that will have long-term consequences for us, our children, and grandchildren. Should Christians be involved in politics? Should Christians […]

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What are Gun Sales Telling Us about the State of the Union?

When some loudmouth spouted off about how he was going to do so-and-so to this guy or that guy, a guy who was really tough would often say, “You and who else?” or “You and what army?” An opposing force is only as effective as its ability to win battles. “In the waning days of […]

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The Reasons Behind the ‘Anonymous’ Report About Pres. Trump

“The story is not true. It has become a very dangerous time when anonymous sources are believed above all else, and no one knows their motivation. This is not journalism. It is activism. And it is a disservice to the people of our great nation.” —Melania Trump Everyone knows by now that the ultra-liberal magazine […]

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Is Politics Outside the Scope of the Christian Worldview?

There's a scene at the end of the film The Martian where Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) lays out what is inevitable in space travel. It's a lesson that can and should be applied to every area of life: At some point, everything's gonna go south on you...

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