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"Presidents Revealed" app for the iPad & iPhone Now Available!

The "Presidents Revealed" app is now available on iTunes! Gary DeMar completes his interview with John Adams of the The American History Guild about the app, showing it at work, and even some early glimpses of another app in the works about the President's pets! It's fun learning on American History! Presidents Revealed is educational, entertaining and […]

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Whoever has the most babies wins

I’ll never forget reading an article in the December 6, 2004 issue of Time Magazine by Michelle Cottle, in which she concluded that the battle over morals is over, but the war continues to rage. She saw the pro-homosexual forces winning in the end. She based this on the way the American public is more accepting today of […]

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Do evolutionists have an agenda?

A while ago I wrote an article about the Answers in Genesis creation museum, and received a comment from someone calling herself "The Happy Feminist" who asserted that evolutionists do not have an agenda. She claimed that evolutionists are only interested in the truth, but is her claim true? I wish there was such a […]

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John MacArthur: “There is No Hope for a Better World”

If you tell someone he can’t do something, in most cases that person will stop before he even tries. Of course, there are some people who take the impossible as a challenge and use the impossible as an incentive to work hard to disprove the critics. Many of the advances in science, technology, and everyday […]

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Edified Interview with The Chocolate Knox on "Homeschooling"

The interview clips from Crown Rights' Edified program continue today with "The Chocolate Knox" and me as we discuss homeschooling verses government schooling.

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As sodomites protest, Christians prove they aren't too chicken to share the Gospel

“Same Sex Kiss” protests are being held at Chick-fil-As across America today, and many Christians are coming to meet them there. But this time the Christians are not just buycotting chicken sandwiches. They’re sharing the Gospel. Today’s sodomite counter-protest of Chick-fil-A hits two days after the restaurant chain experienced record sales as Christians and conservatives […]

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The Band of Brothers' 10 Secrets of Leadership

Do you want to be a leader? We certainly need Christian leaders today. What did Jesus say about the characteristics of a leader? Many good examples of Christian leadership may be found from the life Major Richard Winters, who served as the field officer and later the battalion commander over Easy Company, a division of the 101st Airborne during World War II. Easy Company found itself behind enemy lines surrounded by Nazis on multiple occasions. They fought in the Battle of Normandy, the Battle of Carenteen, and Operation Market Garden. They later became immortalized in Stephen Ambrose’s book "Band of Brothers," and the television mini-series that followed. […]

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I Know It's True Because I Saw it on TV

Tom Brokaw stepped down as anchor for NBC News shortly after the previous presidential elections and Dan Rather retired from CBS about a year after him. Through the decades, the mainstream media-print, radio, and television-pushed the line that facts are neutral, that they speak for themselves.2 For decades, the had a majority of people believing that newscasters and journalists simply "report the news" devoid of biases, preconceived assumptions, or political agendas […]

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If You Love Liberty You Might be a Terrorist

A report on terrorism in the United States has been published by the Department of Homeland Security. The authors of the report are Gary LaFree, professor of criminology at the University of Maryland, and Bianca Bersani, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. The goal of the Study of Terrorism and Responses to […]

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Talking about Our First 'Gay President' on the Victoria Jackson Show

Victoria Jackson has been heavily involved in politics and the conservative movement since President Ronald Reagan. Many of you may remember her from her performances on Saturday Night Live. She's always sure to make you smile even while she makes you think. Recently I was pleased to be a guest on her new webshow speaking […]

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Preoccupied with the Antichrist

Dr. Michael Yousseff is an Egyptian-born American and founding rector of The Church of The Apostles. His messages are broadcast 3,800 times a week into 200 countries through Leading the Way Ministries. He holds a PhD from Emory University in Social Anthropology. Church of the Apostles is a magnificent church that has an old-world cathedral […]

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How God Used Margaret Thatcher to Turn the Tide of the Twentieth Century

"In war, as in economics, it was [Prime Minister Thatcher's] moralistic certainty, not her gender, which set her apart from her male colleagues, enabling her to grasp risks they would have baulked at." John Campbell, The Iron Lady 192 (Penguin Books, 2009). Two principled political leaders of Great Britain in the last century rescued not only their own […]

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