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Films About Scientists and Science that You and Your Children Should See

While Egypt might be famous for the Pyramids, Rome noted for its roads, aqueducts, coliseums, and Greece celebrated for its philosophers and contributions to medicine, invention and the scientific method are almost exclusively a western enterprise that grew out of a Christian worldview. While not all the great scientists were Christians, they did operate within […]

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My Take on the Noah Movie

The new Noah film starring Russell Crowe is getting a lot of attention, some negative and some positive. My take on it is a little different. It’s hard to take a biblical story and turn it into a movie. It’s been tried many times with the meaning of the story lost in the layers that […]

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How do movies communicate a worldview that affects morality, theology, and more?

How are the movies your children are watching affecting their worldview? How should Christians approach their involvement with movies? What worldview messages are being communicated in popular films like "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises"? In this weekend's broadcast of "Every Thought Captive," we interview our Director of Publishing Michael Minkoff and discuss these questions and many more, looking to what the Scriptures teach. […]

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How God Used Margaret Thatcher to Turn the Tide of the Twentieth Century

"In war, as in economics, it was [Prime Minister Thatcher's] moralistic certainty, not her gender, which set her apart from her male colleagues, enabling her to grasp risks they would have baulked at." John Campbell, The Iron Lady 192 (Penguin Books, 2009). Two principled political leaders of Great Britain in the last century rescued not only their own […]

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What Hollywood Gets Right & Wrong about Our Relationship to Nature: An Examination of the Worldview of 'The Lorax'

"Thus God created the man in his image, in the image of God created he him; he created them male and female. And God blessed them, and God said to them, Bring forth fruit, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of […]

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The Best Movies of 2011

2011 had it’s fair share of awful films. To help you weed through the muck of Hollywood trash, we’ve sifted through our archives to see which films stood out the most in Movieology’s reviews. Here are the best of the best films that we evaluated during 2011. While we may not have seen every film, we did our best to catch all the potential "greats."

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Top 5 Most Popular Movie Reviews of 2011

Movieology fans are quite a unique breed. We checked to see which films mattered most to you over the course of 2011 (statistically speaking). Here are the top five films that garnered the most reads and comments from our website’s visitors. Some of the films here you might not expect since they were not necessarily great films! So why do they appear to be so relevant to us?

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'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Review

'Mission: Impossible' baffles your mind with it’s larger-than-life daring do’s by the indefatigable spy of the IMF, Ethan Hunt. In this tall tale, he’s up against Russian terrorists that will stop at nothing to destroy mankind. “Oh, my goodness!” So does ‘Ghost Protocol’ prove yet again that there really isn’t such a thing as ‘the impossible’ for these secret agents? Is director Brad Bird’s debut to live-action filmmaking live up to his roster of family-oriented animated films? Find out now on Movieology!

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The Pro-homosexual Agenda of 'J. Edgar', & Its Other Nefarious Plots

‘J. Edgar’ sorely disappointed Clint Eastwood’s fans and critics alike. Oddly enough, however, it still has received praise and awards in spite of itself. Many believe it will still be lauded at the Academy Awards and receive multiple nominations. Is this justifiable? Are the critics and audiences out of their minds for not giving honor to this art where it is due? Or is the truth as complicated and nefarious as this latest film with a homosexual agenda? Find out now on Movieology!

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Are the Muppets Communists?

The Muppets are back to the cinema after twelve long agonizing years for fans that withstood the brunt in the interim of terrible, terrible, terrible Muppet telefilms. The Muppet gang (along with Disney) are trying to bring back their former glory. Can guest celebrity appearances and a big budget turn the tide? Will ‘The Muppets’ be recognized as a sensational, celebrational, muppetational movie by old and new fans? Find out now on Movieology!

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'Hugo' Movie Review

'Hugo' is the astonishing adventures of a boy who lives in a Paris train station, and the enigmatic owner of a toy shop there. Hugo Cabret is a wily and resourceful lad whose quest to unlock a secret left to him by his father will transform Hugo and all those around him to reveal a secret and loving place he can call home.

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'Breaking Dawn Part 1' Movie Review

'Breaking Dawn Part 1' is the fourth installment of the 'Twilight Saga', a love story involving an out-of-place teenage girl and her “vegetarian” vampire love interest. Does this series donate fresh blood to the tired vampire mythos, or is it merely a sappy melodrama intent on sucking your will to live? Find out now on Movieology!

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