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The Values Vote

In yesterday's web article, I issued a call to action to put the brakes on Arlen Spector's elevation to the head of the Judiciary Committee. Apparently others had the same idea. Spector has backed off his comments, even denying that he ever said them. There is a new day in Washington as the media pundits are falling all over themselves trying to figure out the "values vote." Democrat spinners are claiming that their message needed better packaging.

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There's Still Work To Do

Surveys conducted after the election show that morality topped the list of important issues that brought voters to the polls. This astounded the press in England. Europe no longer has a moral center. In time, if population trends continue, Eurabia will be a reality in 30 years.

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I see dead

As I write this, Ohio, Nevada, and New Mexico are still too close to call, at least that's what the news guys tell us and the Democrats pray is true. The numbers are against John Kerry. He should concede, walk away with dignity, and save the country another agonizing post-election fiasco.

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The Day Has Come

Election day is here! I have been criss-crossing the country teaching, debating, doing radio interviews, and answering emails on the road by Christians who want to know what to do in this election. Some are pushing third-party candidates claiming that this is the only "righteous" way to vote.

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Consider This As You Vote

Franklin was not known as orthodox in his religious beliefs, but there is no doubt that he understood what made nations great. It wasn't geography, natural resources, or monetary prosperity. The self-taught candlemaker's son, author of Poor Richard's Almanac, world traveler, inventor of the lightning rod and bifocals, knew that the key to national success was the acknowledgment that God establishes empires, and He requires that they be built in a certain way.

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A Jury of Your Grandchildren - Part 4

As you apprehensively await their response to your depressing analysis, the granddads suddenly (thankfully?) begin to fade away. But rather than disappearing altogether, they morph, instead, into you. As this transformation is completed, you have suddenly become a living representative of your grandparents and a respected lay member of a typical evangelical church in your town.

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A Jury of Your Grandchildren - Part 3

You agree with your grandfathers' findings while awaiting, with no small degree of dread, their obvious next question which is, "What happened? What caused all this? Were we invaded and occupied by some evil enemy force?" [Yes, we were!] "Or, did we elders leave things in such bad shape for you young people that this madness was inevitable?"

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A Jury of Your Grandchildren - Part 2

Suddenly, one day in 2004, as you continue to experience the prevailing discouraging psychological factors around you, both of your now deceased Christian grandfathers - and their fathers, too - magically appear before you, live and in the flesh. Yes, there's much rejoicing, but since their return a couple of days ago and subsequent nationwide inspection tour, it has been the catastrophic cultural decay and moral chaos engulfing the nation that has truly shocked them.

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A Jury of Your Grandchildren - Part 1

Even the most Bible-resistant are well aware, deep down, that they ought to spend at least some time contemplating life's "Big Questions." Who am I…where did I come from…why am I here…how do I know what I know…where am I going…how do I get there…what's my purpose? Sadly, the deeply penetrating nature of these challenges often leads to their being shunted aside because they require more soul searching than the average preoccupied American wants to spend, including even many preoccupied pastors

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This is Not the Time to Pray

For decades, Christians have been reluctant to get involved in politics. These Christians either don't vote or when they do vote they do so in terms of what government can do for them. Government is seen as their earthly savior. They are more concerned about where their next flu shot is coming from rather than the appointment of judges who with one vote can turn the Constitution on its head.

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All Israel will be saved: Notes on Romans 11:26

As with most theological positions, there are a variety of interpretations of this passage: (1) The salvation of every racial/ethnic Jew. This is an impossible interpretation.

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Election Lessons

God established civil government to be an avenger who brings wrath upon those who practice evil. The civil government's power to use the sword is legitimate in certain limited cases. The Bible has mandated that the power of the sword is to keep the peace, to protect those who do what is right.

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