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Who Defines What Constitutes Evidence?

Have you ever been in a debate with someone who asks for evidence for this or that particular issue, and after giving the evidence it is dismissed as not being relevant? Facts do not speak for themselves. Facts do not come with interpretation tags, telling us how to view them. . . . Both sides haggle over the facts.

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Advancing the Kingdom – in God’s Strength or Our Own?

In 1620, long before the United States won its independence from England, the Pilgrims came to America’s shores with this mission statement,

"[W]e all came to these parts of America, with one and the same end and aim, namely, to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ."
-New England Confederation of 1643

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Movies as Apologetic Training

As we pick back up with our short series on apologetics, I am reminded of the usual Christian response to movies and the film industry in general. While these articles were not intended to be a series on Christian worldview, apologetics and worldview are inextricably linked.

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Lessons To Christians From The Life of Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.

A brilliant man, virtually awash in talent, died on February 26, 2008. But the rest of the story

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Philosophy is Not Science

First year philosophy stuff is right. You know as well as I do that there is no single philosophy.

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Our Rights Secured by the Consent of the Governed?

Recently I have received a number of emails from atheists. This isn’t unusual since American Vision publishes a number of books refuting common atheist arguments, and I’ve written a few articles on the subject as well.

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Wrapping Up The School Choice Challenge

My article last week was the second of three on the question of best school choice for Christian kids, and today wraps it up. At least for now, because the challenge is not going away soon. But, the longer that parents, and especially pastors, continue to duck the issue with feeble rationalizations, the longer it will be before Christian kids begin getting the necessary training to help make nationwide Christian Cultural Renewal

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Are You a Red-Letter or a Black-Letter Christian?

In the Foreword to Tony Campolo’s new book Red Letter Christians, Jim Wallis tells a story about a secular Jewish country-music songwriter and disk jockey who told him that a new social movement was being birthed as a result of Wallis’ God’s Politics and other social-conscience

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Darwinism, Dispensationalism, and the Devil

I’m not one to blame every problem in the world on the devil for two reasons. First, there’s enough evil in the heart of man to account for most if not all the evil in the world today (Jer. 17:9). Second, we’re told in Matt. 12:29 that Jesus bound Satan when he came to earth to establish His Kingdom.

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The Bear and the Basketball

For the last two months, we have been taking a look at the topic of apologetics, specifically presuppositional apologetics. As it always does, the introduction to this subject matter causes many people to get completely frustrated and lose interest.

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Finally: The Bottom Line on Christian Education vs. Public Schools

Though in serious error last week in their conclusions, two writers for Rev. John MacArthur’s Grace To You

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Spiritual Fire Houses

Many Christian organizations and churches exist exclusively as spiritual fire houses. When they see a fire, they send a fire engine to douse it. They then return to the fire house to polish the fire engine awaiting another call.

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