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Why a Star?

Frequently, around Christmas time, we are treated to yet another (often just a repeat of previous “findings”) naturalistic explanation of the biblical “Star of Bethlehem.” Natural explanations of biblical phenomena can sometimes have their place, but they can also be diversions—for unbelievers and believers alike. A far better approach for believers is to know and […]

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Questions to Ask at the ‘Ice v Kurschner’ Prophecy Debate: The Antichrist

In a previous article, I mentioned that dispensationalist Thomas Ice and semi-dispensationalist Alan Kurschner will be debating the “rapture” question on September 25th in Plano, Texas. The debate thesis is: “The Church Will Face the Antichrist Before the Rapture.” Kurschner is taking the affirmative (prewrath, semi-dispensational position) and Ice is taking the denial (pretribulational, full dispensational position). […]

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Dispensationalism’s Future Jewish Holocaust Problem

In a previous article (Joel Richardson Issues Challenge to Hank Hanegraaff Over “Replacement Theology”) I dealt with some of the exegetical issues related to the charge that if a Christian does not follow the end-time prophetic scenario of dispensational premillennialism and some of its sister views, then that person is labeled a “supercessionist” who believes  […]

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Why "Contradictions" Authenticate the Bible

The Bible (as well as the Constitution, Art 3, sec. 3) requires two witnesses to substantiate that an event has taken place (Deut. 17:6). The two-witness requirement is a safeguard for those accused of a crime. When an accusation is made and there is not a second witness, the single witness is investigated to see […]

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The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” Papyrus Being Used as Liberal Propaganda

In 2012, Dr. Karen L. King, a professor at Harvard Divinity School, discovered a papyrus that seemed to imply that Jesus was married. Here’s how the discovery was reported: A small fragment of faded papyrus contains a suggestion that Jesus may have been married. The fragment, with just eight lines of text on the front […]

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What Do You Mean By, "Means of Grace"?

Previously, I wrote that there is no ordinary possibility of salvation outside of the Church, ‎because salvation is by grace, and grace is ordinarily given by the means of grace, which are ‎given to the Church.‎ ‎ ‎ The question arises, what do I mean by the means of grace? To answer this question, we […]

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Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

The Latin phrase, Extra ecclesiam nulla salus, means, “Outside the Church there is no ‎salvation”. It refers to the Christian belief that the Church is essential to God’s plan of ‎salvation. It sounds Roman Catholic. It is catholic (i.e. universal), but not Roman Catholic. In ‎fact, this doctrine preceded, survived, and continued after the papal […]

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Mormonism's "God in embryo": The doctrine of man becoming God

“[I]n his mortal condition man is God in embryo. . . . [A]ny individual now a mortal being may attain the rank and sanctity of godship.” ~LDS Elder James E. Talmage “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die. . . . your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be […]

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Denying Sola Scriptura: The Attempt to Neutralize the Bible

I was raised Roman Catholic. My religious upbringing included Catholic school through the fifth grade and service as an altar boy through my teen years. My first dose of a foreign language was Latin, a necessary prerequisite if you wanted to be an altar boy. There is much I appreciate about my Catholic training. I was taught the cardinal doctrines of the faith as expressed in the Apostles' Creed. The ethical precepts I had been taught in Catholic school kept me from straying too far in my rebellious years. Guilt and fear of judgment are strong motivators when it comes to keeping young people in moral check. Of course many children raised in Protestant homes can make similar claims. So my experiences perhaps are not unique to Catholicism.

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Consistent Atheism in Action at Major University

Maybe you’ve seen the headline: “Michigan Professor Strips Naked in Class, Shouts ‘There Is No F--king God’” While on a speaking tour in the North East part of the United States and Canada last week, I presented a talk on the ethical implications of atheistic evolution. I pointed out that while atheists are not by […]

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Are Pastors Finally Getting the Message about Politics?

In 2000, John MacArthur wrote a book with the title Why Government Can’t Save You. [1] When this book first appeared, I wrote that I didn’t know any Christians who believed government can or should save us. The subtitle led the reader to believe that getting involved politically was not an option for Christians. The […]

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Does Coptic Papyrus Prove Jesus was Married?

Dr. Karen L. King, a professor at Harvard Divinity School, has released what she claims may be a 4th century papyrus that depicts Jesus as being. Here’s how the “discovery” is being reported: “A small fragment of faded papyrus contains a suggestion that Jesus may have been married. “The fragment, with just eight lines of […]

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