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A Conservative’s Very Bad Idea

The article “Conservatism that Assures the Unthinkable: the Reelection of Barack Obama,” by Chuck Rogér, that appeared on the American Thinker website caught my attention: "As America flirts with permanent economic decline, certain GOP presidential contenders talk of gay marriage, Charles Darwin, and religiosity.  Are we losing our minds? "While the current progressive regime is […]

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Rick Perry Questioned About Evolution and Science

Did you see the video of Rick Perry being questioned about evolution? The Texas governor was responding to a question from a little boy in New Hampshire. The child is not asking on his own account. He was being used as a prop by his mother. You can hear the boy’s mother whispering questions to […]

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'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Review - Movieology

Today we review 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'. If an evolutionary worldview can be incarnated in a story, here it is. But rather than remain consistent with evolutionary presuppositions, like all evolutionary practice, 'Rise of the Apes' borrows from Christianity to build an explanation for morality without the source of a Creator God. Can this prequel and reboot of the classic franchise deliver where the previous attempts failed? Or is this movie just a barrel full of silly monkey business? Find out right now on Movieology!

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Have We Become Desensitized to Evil?

The first reports that came out about Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, described him as a “right-wing, Christian fundamentalist.” Here’s how CNN reported the story on July 23, 2011: A picture is emerging, gleaned from official sources and social media, of a right-wing Christian fundamentalist who may have had an issue with Norway's […]

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John Lennon: Republican? Theist? Anti-Evolutionist?

Former theist and now self-avowed atheist Dan Barker, who is co-president of the Freedom of Religion Foundation, promoted a “Beware of Dogma” campaign using billboards that also included the line “Imagine No Religion,” borrowed from John Lennon’s atheist national anthem “Imagine.” I wonder if the FRF’s call for everyone to “beware of dogma” includes the […]

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Children's Books as Worldview Wedges

Most children’s literature is innocuous. There’s no stated social, moral, or political worldview found in Pat the Bunny or Toes, Ears, and Nose!, but there is always an underlying worldview that gets more specific with age. This is why parents and grandparents need to be careful. Books are more than their covers and what other […]

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Do Conservatives Need Ayn Rand?

Shortly after Congressman Paul Ryan’s appearance at the 2011 Faith and Freedom Conference in D.C., a Bible-waving protester confronted the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and questioned him for modeling his proposed budget after “the extreme ideology of Ayn Rand rather than the basic economic justice values of the Bible.” The protestor offered Ryan […]

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'X-Men: First Class' Movie Review - Movieology

One of the most popular super hero movie franchises of the last decade, 'X-Men: First Class' takes us back to 1962 to witness the origins of some of the most well-known comic book mutants. This historically fictitious depiction of the Cold War broaches a critical issue: is there such a thing as good and evil […]

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"My Genes Made Me This Way!”

Steve Simon, a state representative from Minnesota, gave a short speech against a constitutional ban of same-sex/same-gender “marriage.” In the four-minute video, Simon works calmly to argue for homosexual marriage. Here is one of his arguments: “The scientific evidence shows more and more everyday that sexuality and sexual orientation are innate, something people are born […]

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Disco and the End of Atheism

Atheism seems to be on the rise. A number of young people are taking to it like they did to disco in the 1970s. But alas, like all trends, it met its end on Disco Demolition Night July 12, 1979 at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois, where a crate filled with records was blown up […]

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Vincent Bugliosi: Prosecutor, Judge, and Jury of God

Vincent Bugliosi has struggled with whether God exists. He’s not sure, and he contends that both sides in the debate should not be dogmatic. The opening words on the flap of his new book Divinity of Doubt: The God Question [1] summarize his position: “Do you believe in God? If your answer is yes or […]

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Evolutionist Warns: Natural Selection Will Destroy Us

Nobel Prize winning Biochemist Christian de Duve, a professor emeritus at New York City’s Rockefeller University and 1974 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, warns that "natural selection has resulted in traits such as group selfishness being coded in our genes. These were useful to our ancestors under the conditions in which […]

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