Trying to Justify Homosexuality by an Appeal to the Bible

My article “Justifying Bad Behavior with a Mix of Good” (June 13, 2011) was an introductory response to a lengthy email I received from an advocate of homosexuality. In his email, Mr. Himes argues for the normality and morality of homosexuality on several levels. He began by arguing that homosexuals are good people and homosexual behavior does not do any harm. I pointed out that all good people, e [...]

Justifying Bad Behavior with a Mix of Good

A pro-homosexual advocate named Ed Himes sent a lengthy letter to American Vision decrying how groups like American Vision and the American Family Association (the targeted recipient) “continue to harass, degrade and demean the Gay Community on a regular basis.” He objects to Christians who “pick on a group of good people that are NOT BAD and who hurts [sic] NO-ONE.” Mr. Himes’ operating assumptio [...]

"That's Not in the Bible"

I just got back from American Vision’s National Prophecy Conference. If you weren’t there, you missed a great time of teaching, fellowship, and beautiful scenery at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina that overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains. The speakers were first class. The amount of material covered was amazing. A good time was had by nearly all. Only two people — a couple — walk [...]

We Should Stop Persecuting Fornicators

The media has been all over Arnold Schwarzenegger for his extramarital affairs, much like the outcry over Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton’s affairs. Other sexual lifestyles such as homosexuality, bi-sexuality and the transgendered are widely accepted and even praised. Why is there this double standard? Maybe some people are born fornicators. Find out more in this episode of Vantage Point. [...]

Getting a Heterosexual's Mind Right

Lucas Jackson — “Cool Hand” Luke to film buffs — was the world’s most noted non-conformist ever to flicker on the silver screen. The movie Cool Hand Luke (1967) was nominated for four Academy Awards: Best Actor (Paul Newman, who lost to Rod Steiger for In the Heat of the Night), Best Supporting Actor (George Kennedy), Best Adapted Screenplay (Donn Pearce and Frank R. Pierson), and Best Original Mu [...]

Does the First Amendment Prohibit Prayer?

It seems that every time there is a council meeting the issue of prayer comes up. A Christian prays in Jesus’ name during the meeting and the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State jump in and dub these prayers unconstitutional. What does the Constitution really say? Watch Vantage Point to find out. [...]

Before Harold Camping, there Were Hal Lindsey and Chuck Smith

Before Harold Camping, there were Chuck Smith and Hal Lindsey. Lindsey is the author of widely and wildly popular The Late Great Planet Earth (1970). Smith has been the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, since 1965. He is a popular and well-respected Bible teacher. What many people don’t know or remember is that he set some very specific dates of his own in the 1970s. I wonder wha [...]

Why Modern-Day Prophecy Theorists are More Dangerous than Harold Camping

How is it possible that most evangelical critics of Harold Camping are more dangerous than the failed prognosticator? For the simple reason that it’s no longer May 21, 2011, and Harold Camping will be relegated to the dust bin of prophetic history, but prophecy prognosticators will continue to abound by claiming that Jesus is still coming “soon” even if we don’t know the “day and hour.” In nearly [...]

Is It Constitutional to Pray in ‘Jesus’ Name’?

Commissioners from Forsyth County in North Carolina appeared before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit to appeal a District Court’s decision to bar commissioners from opening public meetings with prayers prayed in Jesus’ name. The ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State argued (naturally) that sectarian prayers to any deity violate the First Amendment. The Fir [...]

Gay Marriage Should Not be Banned Says Rep. Simon

There has been much passionate debate over the legalization of homosexual marriage, with illogical arguments on both sides. Rep. Simon of Minnesota states some very unfounded and illogical arguments in favor of homosexual marriage. In this episode of Vantage Point, Gary takes these arguments apart and shows why they are faulty. [...]

Rapture: Fact or Fiction?

Many pastors and modern prophecy writers teach that the Church will be raptured off the earth prior to a seven year tribulation. Where in the Bible is this found? Nowhere. Confused? Watch this edition of Vantage Point for an honest look at the “rapture”. [...]

In Most Situations, Prayer is not Enough!

What is the proper relationship between praying and doing? That is, after praying is the petitioner required to do anything about what she is praying for? If a person prays for employment, does he have to look for work? When you pray to play the piano well, do you still have to practice? Praying that someone will be warmed and filled is not enough (James 2:16). We can apply the faith without works [...]

One Christian's "Fringe" is another Christian's Orthodoxy

The newspapers are commenting regularly on the Harold Camping claim that a so-called rapture will take place on May 21, 2011 with the end of the world to following on October 21st. Here’s one that National Public Radio (NPR) posted on its website: “Is the End Nigh? We’ll Know Soon Enough.” Even the international press has been reporting on Harold Camping’s end-time prediction. “If Mr Camping were [...]

American Atheists Planning Rapture Party

Many Christian teachers, authors and preachers have been saying that the Rapture could occur at any moment. Most recently, Harold Camping has said that the Rapture will be on May 21, 2011 and many of his followers are traveling around warning others, some have even quit their jobs. The group American Atheists is planning Rapture Parties across the country to show how silly it is to them. The athei [...]

I Can Agree with These Atheists (Up to a Point)

I never thought I would ever say that I agree with atheists about the way some Christians interpret the Bible. But on the subject of Bible prophecy, these atheists are partially right. The group American Atheists is planning a “Rapture Party” on May 21–22 for “heathens and skeptics.” They’re advertising the event on a billboard. Here’s the message: “The Rapture: You KNOW it’s Nonsense. 2000 Years [...]

Disco and the End of Atheism

Atheism seems to be on the rise. A number of young people are taking to it like they did to disco in the 1970s. But alas, like all trends, it met its end on Disco Demolition Night July 12, 1979 at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois, where a crate filled with records was blown up on the field. It took young people less than a decade to find out how silly they looked. [...]

Vincent Bugliosi: Prosecutor, Judge, and Jury of God

Vincent Bugliosi has struggled with whether God exists. He’s not sure, and he contends that both sides in the debate should not be dogmatic. The opening words on the flap of his new book Divinity of Doubt: The God Question ((Vincent Bugliosi, Divinity of Doubt: The God Question (New York: Vanguard Press, 2010), 129.)) summarize his position: “Do you believe in God? If your answer is yes or no, Vin [...]

Beware of 'Genius' Grumpy Old Men with Access to the Internet

Another elephant thrower has emailed me. This time it’s a self-professed 76-year-old “grumpy old man” named Neil C. Reinhardt. He’s an atheist, pro-abortionist, hater of religion, and lover of war. He goes by the moniker “religion sucks.” Like so many people who have too much time on their hands, an internet connection, and a bone to pick with someone, he demands that I should answer all of his ob [...]

"Those who Can Not Remember the Prophetic Past are Condemned to Repeat It"

[caption id=“attachment_4285” align=“alignleft” width=“300” caption=““Defeat of the Turks at the Gates of Vienna””][/caption] Joel Richardson believes the Bible teaches “that the biblical Antichrist is one and the same as the Quran’s Muslim Mahdi.” ((“Get ready for an Islamic Antichrist, warns new book,” World Net Daily (August 3, 2009)) [...]

Is the New Testament Forged?

By Jerry Newcombe Editor’s Note: By now you are aware of the pastor who burned a copy of the Koran and the reaction of some radical Muslims overseas. These advocates of the “religion of peace” killed people because a copy of their sacred book was defiled. They have no problem blowing up mosques and fellow Muslims where I’m sure copies of the Koran were present. The reaction of political pundits is [...]