Testing the Prophets (Again)

As this millennial decade comes to an end and North Korea is rattling its military sword, popular Christian writers will reach into their prophecy bags, appeal to the Bible, and tell us that the end is near. The more judicious ones don’t come right out and say Jesus’ coming will take place in “our generation”; they temper their claims with something like this: “So is the end of the world near? [...]

A Biblical View of Private Property

[caption id=“attachment_3757” align=“alignleft” width=“130” caption=“Jezebel and Ahab Plot to Steal Naboth’s Vineyard”][/caption] God’s sovereignty includes ownership of all His creation. Melchizedek, in blessing Abram, said, “Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth (Gen. 14:19; cf. v. 22). The Bible continues the relat [...]

How a Legacy Can be Squandered

Frank Schaeffer, the son of the late Christian worldview apologist Francis Schaeffer (1912–1984), writes the following in a post-election article that was published on the ultra-liberal Huffington Post website: “One reason the Republicans won on Tuesday is because many of their supporters have already given up on this world and are waiting for the next. I know, I used to be one of them.” One of th [...]

Does the Bible Teach Bullying?

Bullying is a hot topic right now, especially in relation to homosexuality. Some would argue that the teachings in the Bible regarding homosexuality lead to bullying and mistreatment of homosexuals. When the law arrests someone for committing a crime, is that bullying? [...]

Post Election Reflection

There’s been a lot of post-election reflection. One of the more interesting trends that has surfaced is that evangelicals got back into the political battle. From about 1925 to 1975, evangelicals were not viewed as a definitive voting-block. Evangelicals were generally dismissive of politics for a variety of reasons. The 1973 pro-abortion Roe v. Wade decision and the earlier 1962 prayer ((Engel v. [...]

The Historical Revisionists are on the War Path

At the Baptist General Association of Virginia’s Nov. 9-10, 2010 annual meeting in Hampton, Virginia, the participants “adopted a resolution decrying versions of American history that minimize or deny the role of church-state separation and encouraging diligence in correcting mistaken historical accounts.” The resolution, which was passed by a wide margin, considers it “‘a threat to the flourishin [...]

Is There a Distinctly Biblical Economics?

Can economics be studied from a Christian perspective? Is there a distinctly biblical economics, or is the biblical approach to economic issues only one approach among many? Some might maintain that economics is a “neutral” enterprise where religion in general and Christianity in particular are irrelevant. This, however, is not the Christian view. Economics deals with relationships, the exchange o [...]

Why Liberals Can't Deal with Bullying

The television show “Glee” (a show I’ve never seen) is going to deal with bullying later this season. I suspect that bullying has been going on for a long time. The strong often prey on the weak for any number of reasons. Bullies are cowards. They are middle management. Those at the top of the social pecking order hardly ever bully. They don’t need to. Those in the middle bully to claim what’s lef [...]

So What's Your View of the Future and Does It Matter?

The future of government must be considered from a variety of perspectives. It is not enough to consider only the civil dimensions of government. In biblical terms, Government is multifaceted and multi-jurisdictional. The future of government must be considered in all of its dimensions, beginning with the individual and including civil affairs. If individuals abdicate responsibilities in the areas [...]

'The Maker'

President of Evidence America and author Wes Moore talks about “The Maker”, an apologetics novel he has written. “The Maker” tells an exciting story set 300 years in a future where America no longer exists and no one knows about God or Christianity. As the story unfolds and engages the reader, major questions are subtly brought up and addressed. This is a great evangelism t [...]

Is Civil Government a Biblical Concept?

A brief survey of the Bible and its principles will show that it has directives for all areas of life. Does this include civil govern­ment? Is God as concerned about the structure and principles of political systems as He is about families? Or has God left the area of political sys­tems for man to develop according to the needs of a particular era or to satisfy the desires of a particular people? [...]

The 7 Laws of Apologetics

What is apologetics and is it necessary? Is apologetics simply “arguing” and should Christians engage in it? Special guest Wes Moore joins Gary DeMar for a discussion of these questions and shares the seven laws of apologetics. [...]

Is Civilization a Sinking Ship?

Many Christians believe that civilization is a sinking ship, they view involvement in politics or culture as “polishing the brass” on a sinking ship - totally pointless. According to these Christians, we are only here to “win souls” for Christ and not worry about the rest of the world. How does this worldview measure up with God’s Word - is this what the Bible teaches [...]

The Inevitability of Struggle

Adolf Hitler’s agenda-establishing Magnum Opus is Mein Kampf. In English, it translates into “My Struggle.” Hitler fashioned his struggle into a maniacal worldview built on destruction of all opposing ideologies and the implementation of his own millennial aspirations, the perpetuation of a thousand-year reich, based on the Nazi mythology of blood and soil. The transformation of society would come [...]

Atheists Think About God Almost As Much As Christians

Former atheist and founder of Evidence America, Wes Moore, joins Gary DeMar in today’s episode of Vantage Point. Evidence America’s mission is helping Christians give an answer for what they believe and why. Wes shares his story and some the keys he has found in his years of evangelism. [...]

Why I Began to Write on Prophetic Subjects

I’ve debated with myself over whether I should respond to Tommy Ice’s awful article about me and my book End Times Fiction that Brannon Howse published on his Worldview Weekend site. In his first response to my original argument, Brannon argued that he does not teach on the rapture, and his site and conferences do not spend much time on eschatology. You could have fooled me. The fact is, a great m [...]

Capitalism Saved the Miners!

Of course, leftists will argue that there wouldn’t have been any need for mines if we were all communists, since the miners would never have been trapped deep in the earth in the first place. It was greedy capitalists that opened the mine. These anti-capitalists probably sent their anti-capitalist message to their commie comrades on smart phones developed by other capitalist companies that use cop [...]

"Danny, Thank you!"

[caption id=“attachment_3607” align=“alignleft” width=“300” caption=“The Golden Triangle of Pittsburgh”][/caption] When I travel to the northeast on business, I always try to fly into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to spend a few days visiting with my mother. Once I’ve made my obligatory greetings, I get back in my rented car and head for a fast-food rest [...]

What Does Peter Mean by the Passing Away of Heaven and Earth? A Study of 2 Peter 3

By Gary DeMar and David Chilton If there’s one passage of Scripture that is repeatedly brought up as an indictment against anyone who objects to modern-day prophetic speculation, it is 2 Peter 3:3–18. If you dispute with those who argue that all the signs around us indicate that we are living in the “last days,” then you are labeled a “scoffer” or a “mocker” (2 Peter 3:3). If this is true, then ho [...]

Bad "Howse" Keeping

For the past two weeks, I have let you in on a debate I’ve been having with Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend conferences (see here, here, and here). I objected to the numerous articles that populate his site that deal with end-of-the-world issues. I described this preoccupation as “worldview schizophrenia.” It’s difficult for me to understand how anyone can claim to be teaching Christian worldvi [...]