American Pulpits and Politics: The Hope of Our Nation

While driving to Charlotte, North Carolina, I heard Pastor John MacArthur encourage Christians to vote. It wasn’t that long ago that he left the impression in his book Why Government Can’t Save You ((John MacArthur, Why Government Can’t Save You: An Alternative to Political Activism (Nashville, TN: Word Publishing, 2000).)) that Christians should resist putting too much emphasis on politics. I was [...]

Exposing the Real Last Days Scoffers

To scoff or not to scoff. Is that the question? It’s not. The question is: What were the scoffers scoffing at? Futurists insist that Peter is critical of those who were scoffing that the physical coming of Jesus had not occurred as promised (2 Peter 3–18). The simple fact is that the New Testament writers, Peter included (1 Peter 4:7), taught that Jesus would return shortly (Rev. 1:1), before the [...]

‘Would the World Be Better off Without Religion?’

Atheists and non-atheists are going to debate the topic ‘Would the World Be Better off Without Religion?’ this evening at New York University’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. The debate will start at 6:45 p.m. and last until 8:30 p.m., November 15, 2011. Here are the debate participants: British philosopher and professor A.C. Grayling, who has written more than 20 books on philosophy, re [...]

Oklahoma Earthquake: Sign of the End or God Getting Our Attention?

“The house I was in shook with such violence that the upper stories immediately fell. Everything was thrown out of its place. I expected nothing less than to be soon crushed to death, as the walls continued rocking. Large stones fell on every side from the cracks.” A description of the Oklahoma earthquake that hit last weekend? Not at all. The above eye‑witness account is a description of the Lisb [...]

Feminist Susan B. Anthony: Anti-Abortion Crusader

Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906) has been celebrated as a feminist icon by the modern feminist movement because of her tireless work in bringing women into the political mainstream. Feminists pushed hard to get her image on the almost-never-used Susan B. Anthony coin. Anthony got involved in the women’s rights movement when she joined a temperance society but was denied the right to speak at meetings [...]

Richard Dawkins Accuses Country Club of 'Bigotry'

Prominent and outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins accused the Wyndgate Country Club outside of Detroit of “cancelling his planned speaking event at a fundraising dinner due to his view of religion,” or lack of it. The dinner was organized by the Center for Inquiry along with the Richard Dawkins Foundation. “The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on science, reason [...]

Some Anti-Abortion Messages that Will Shock You

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir hooked up with “pro-abortion Rep. Diana DeGette to bash pro-life conservatives as ‘misogynists [women haters]’, during a seven-and-a-half minute long segment. Bashir claimed that it’s ‘hardly surprising’ that the proposed Protect Life Act, which would protect the conscience rights of health care workers, ‘has earned the moniker the “let women die act.”’” Here are some of Bash [...]

Homosexuality, Slavery, and the Bible

In an interview with a homosexual Chicago newspaper, CNN’s openly-homosexual African-American anchor Don Lemon argued that the same Bible that was used to “keep us as slaves” is now being used against homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Lemon claimed: “We [in the African American community] have, in many ways, been a victim of the Scriptures and theology that have been used to keep us as slaves [...]

The Job of Political Cleanup

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.”― Mark Twain Your husband hears your five-week old baby crying. You know the problem. She has a dirty diaper. You know what needs to be done. Her diaper needs changing. You’re tired. The baby’s been cranky all day, and you need a rest, even if it’s only a short one. Your ever-loving husband is i [...]

Church Bullied by Liberal Group to Shut Up or Else

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AC) “is calling on the Internal Revenue Service to look into allegations that Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tenn., is violating restrictions for posting a link to a pro-family organization on its website.” What restrictions? The First Amendment does not prohibit churches from speaking out on any issue. The amendment is so clear that the pe [...]

Liberal Theologian Says “It’s not ‘class warfare,’ it’s Christianity”

I was wondering when liberals were going to bring Jesus into the discussion about taxing the rich. Christians are labeled ‘theocrats’ and ‘dominionists’ when they quote the Bible, but when a liberal appeals to Jesus she’s being compassionate. The latest is an article written by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite who is a professor at the mostly liberal Chicago Theological Seminary. Apparently there’s Chi [...]

Atheist Takes City to Court Over Seal with Cross

Rob Sherman is an atheist. Any time he sees a reference to religion, mostly the Christian religion, he springs into action. This time his action is directed against the city of Zion, Ill., for using a banned version of the city seal that displays the design Zion’s evangelical founder selected more than a century ago, a banner with the words “God Reigns” surrounded by images of a dove, a cross, a s [...]

Teacher Ordered to Remove 'Religious' Banners After Nearly 30 Years

After an initial court victory, a high school math teacher lost his battle to keep his “God” banners displayed in his classroom. A federal appeals court ruled on September 13, 2011 that Bradley Johnson’s First Amendment rights were not violated when he was asked by the school district to take down a series of religious banners. Mr. Johnson had banners hanging in his classroom at Westview High Scho [...]

A Conservative’s Very Bad Idea

The article “Conservatism that Assures the Unthinkable: the Reelection of Barack Obama,” by Chuck Rogér, that appeared on the American Thinker website caught my attention: “As America flirts with permanent economic decline, certain GOP presidential contenders talk of gay marriage, Charles Darwin, and religiosity. Are we losing our minds? “While the current progressive regime is rife wi [...]

False Prophecy Teachers are in the News Again

A article reports that two large and influential Baptist churches have special sermons planned for September 11th, the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. “One sermon promises to discuss America’s ‘inevitable collapse’ while the other is to be delivered by Dr. Tim LaHaye, known for his popular end-times book series [Left Behind]. . . . First Baptist Ch [...]

Leftist Dominionists Hate Competition

Dominionism is still in the news. Jack Cafferty brought it up on his rarely watched TV show. Then there are the current links to Katherine Yurica’s 2004 article “The Despoiling of America: How George W. Bush Became the Head of the New American Dominionist Church/State.” Quoting from J. J. Ligon Duncan’s 1994 article “Moses’ Law for Modern Government, that cites Kenneth L. Gentry’s book God’s [...]

Liberal Dominionists Go On the Attack

It seems that there are more nutball Leftists than there are grains of sand at Myrtle Beach. One of the kookiest is Michelle Goldberg. Here’s her latest “journalistic” screed: “Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry aren’t just devout — both have deep ties to a fringe fundamentalist movement known as Dominionism, which says Christians should rule the world.” Here’s a little known secret: It’s liberal Dom [...]

Gun and Baseball Bat Control in Great Britain

Great Britain has strict gun control laws. Advocates of gun control believe that these laws cut down on violence and crime. Such laws only empower lawbreakers. Gun homicides were low in the United Kingdom even before gun control laws went into effect. This does not mean that there hasn’t been any gun violence since these laws went into effect in 1977. “Over the course of a few days in the summer o [...]

Should the Bible Always be Interpreted ‘Literally’?

How many commentaries on the book of Revelation have been promoted that claim to be “the most literal interpretation of Revelation”? In fact, it’s often argued that the only way to interpret Revelation is literally. Does literally mean “truly,” or does it mean “just what a verse says and nothing else”? It can’t mean the latter since no one, not even those who claim to interpret Revelation literall [...]

Islam, Bible Prophecy, and the Antichrist

As anyone who is familiar with Bible prophecy knows, Russia was the designated end-time bad guy throughout the last century. With the fall of the former Soviet Union, prophetic speculators regrouped to paint a new end-time picture. The takeover of the American Embassy by a group of Islamic extremists during the Carter administration fueled speculation that Islam was an emerging prophetic movement. [...]