Beware of Romantic Revolutionaries

Beware of Romantic Revolutionaries

The reactions to the events since the November 3rd election have been mind boggling. Who could have thought that so much venom could be spewed by a major political party hell-bent on total destruction of its ideological rivals, a one-time competing political party that has lost what little courage it had to fight for ideals it claimed to have, and communication companies (one of the first areas to attack in any revolution) that wants to keep competing ideas and pushback from reaching the masses?

The Threat of Unhindered National Government

The Threat of Unhindered National Government

The following article is my third response to a journalism and political science major who sent me questions to answer for a research paper she was writing. (Read Part One and Part Two) Here’s the multi-part question: Roy Moore also landed himself in some controversy when he began refusing to recognize federal court orders regarding marriage equality. Does American Vision believe that Moore’s actions aid in the restoration of America to its Biblical Foundation?

The Threat of Court-Packing

The Threat of Court-Packing

One of the most substantial issues of Election 2020 is the Left’s pledge to pack the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) if they win—a scheme neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris will disavow. Most people don’t realize how seriously this could undermine our entire democratic republic. In one fell swoop, they could undermine the United States, which President Lincoln labeled the “the last best hope of mankind.” The founders gave us checks and balances in the government so that no one group would have too much power.

The Reasons Behind the ‘Anonymous’ Report About Pres. Trump

The Reasons Behind the ‘Anonymous’ Report About Pres. Trump

“The story is not true. It has become a very dangerous time when anonymous sources are believed above all else, and no one knows their motivation. This is not journalism. It is activism. And it is a disservice to the people of our great nation.” —Melania Trump Everyone knows by now that the ultra-liberal magazine The Atlantic that colludes with the Democrat Party has written an article that claims Pres. Trump said some disparaging remarks about the military.

How Joe Biden Attacked Clarence Thomas and Revealed His Distaste for Moral Absolutes

How Joe Biden Attacked Clarence Thomas and Revealed His Distaste for Moral Absolutes

“Judges are like umpires. Umpires don’t make the rules; they apply them.” On the opening day of testimony before the Judiciary Committee, John Roberts used this baseball metaphor to describe his judicial philosophy. Sen. Joseph Biden stated that “the metaphor is not very apt, because in baseball a set rule defines the strike zone.” Biden went on to say: “Without any knowledge of your understanding of the law—because you will not share it with us—we are rolling the dice with you, Judge.

The Church of the Woke

The Church of the Woke

During these days of COVID-19, when many churches remain closed by government mandate to keep the virus from spreading, a new religion has arisen in the country…and it’s all based on a myth. Citizens Free Press (7/25/20) posts a video in Portland, Oregon, where you can see worshipers of the “Church of the Woke,” participating in an outdoor religious service. This consists of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of souls, shining their lights and chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot me.

Should Pastors Address the Subject of Politics?

For decades pastors have been timid about preaching politics from the pulpit. The Old Testament prophets would have been stunned by such timidity. A good many modern-day churches believe that they have some very good biblical reasons for not touching on the subject of politics from the pulpit. Many believe they are prohibited from doing so because it will jeopardize their tax-exempt status. It won’t, but even if it did, so what?

Romans 13 and the Persecution-Seeking Christian

Whenever we ponder Christianity and government, you can almost wager some well-meaning believer will argue that we can’t expect rulers to be just because Paul actually had the Roman Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar in mind when he penned Romans 13. Like many of his predecessors in the Julio-Claudian dynasty, Nero was a bit of a beast. He had his own mother killed. The Roman historian Tacitus had this to report about him:

Keeping the State From Becoming God

There’s no escaping a belief in God. The individual can be a god unto him or herself. “Every person doing what is right in his or her eyes” (Judges 17:6). The problem is, someone with a rock, club, sword, spear, knife, gun, or a nuclear weapon can change all of that. Separating the God of the Bible from the State in its many manifestations makes the State god. “We have no king but Caesar” (John 19:15).

Stop using the Bible as an excuse to avoid politics

Does the Bible forbid Christians from being involved in politics? It would be a hard case to prove since there are numerous books of the Bible that are filled with politics—from Joshua, Judges, and 1 and 2 Samuel to 1 and 2 Kings and the Old Testament Prophets. King David is confronted by Nathan the Prophet (2 Sam. 12), Solomon is shown violating nearly every biblical admonition regarding kings that leads to his abandonment of the covenant (1 Kings 10-11), and kings are given direct instructions on what standard they should use in making decisions of a civil/political nature (Deut.

The biblical origins of separation of Church and State

Pastor John MacArthur sat down for an interview with Ben Shapiro. I was glad to see this happen. MacArthur did a good job in presenting the gospel clearly and without compromise. Unfortunately, Shapiro, who is Jewish and very smart, failed to pick up on a big mistake made by MacArthur. (There were other mistakes, too. See Joel McDurmon’s article from yesterday.) Regarding the Old Testament, MacArthur said, “The people who ran the government were priests,” that the “orders of the priests” were “the officials of the government.

Life, Liberty, and Property

God’s sovereignty includes ownership of all His creation. Melchizedek, in blessing Abram, said, “Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth (Gen. 14:19; cf. v. 22). The Bible continues the relationship between sovereignty and ownership by declaring to Israel that all the Earth is His (Ex. 19:5). God demands obedience from His people because they live in the midst of His creation. They are responsible as stewards of God’s order.

Is it unbiblical to protest against unrighteous governments?

Pastor John MacArthur made the following comments about civil unrest in the Middle East: “I just think the upshot of all of this is more instability, more chaos,” the longtime Southern California pastor told The Christian Post in an interview. “I don’t think the future looks good.” He may be right, but he doesn’t really know. He uses Iran as an example of what happened when the government of the Shah was replaced with that of the Ayatollahs.

We Should be More Concerned About Deflated Freedoms than Deflated Footballs

Deflated footballs are in the news. In fact, the story is so popular that all the major networks led with the story even though almost nobody in the United States will be financially affected by the outcome. No one will lose any freedom, be forced to pay a tax, or have a pile of new regulations stacked on them. “On Thursday night, the ‘big three’ of ABC, CBS, and NBC each covered the news that the United States-backed government in Yemen had fallen after rebels stormed the capital city of Sana’a and surrounded the presidential palace on Tuesday.

Asking and Answering the Wrong Questions in the Hobby Lobby Case

Should business owners be forced to pay for contraceptives or pay a fine if they don’t in the new ever-changing Affordable Care Act? Wrong question. The case before the Supreme Court “will determine whether Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned craft store chain, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, a cabinet company, can be exempted from providing contraception coverage to female employees through federally mandated health insurance policies.” Actually, religion shouldn’t have anything to do with this case.

Persistent atheists come out of the woodwork...again

There’s one thing that can be said about liberals. They are persistent. They never surrender. They never give up. They work hard to wear down the opposition. Case in point. “Two secularist organizations are working together to end legislative prayer before city council meetings in a northern California municipality." “For years, Chico city council members have invited local religious leaders from various faiths to lead invocations prior to official city council gatherings.

Internet Sales Tax and ‘Rendering to Caesar’

I received the following email from a well-intentioned by misinformed Christian about taxation: “Hello, I see that you are sponsoring an internet link to stop the Congress from passing a bill that would cause Americans to pay taxes on items bought over the Internet. “Surely I do not have to remind you that we were commanded by ‘Jesus’ Himself to pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God [Matt.

Are We Hearing the Death Rattle of Liberalism?

It seems that liberalism is gaining the upper hand. In fact, it seems that liberalism has the upper hand. Not so fast. Empire-building is a tenuous business. Every empire that has tried to expand its borders eventually collapsed because the center could not hold. Adolf Hitler’s dream of a thousand-year Reich turned to dust in less than 20 years. The supposed inevitability of world Communism did not come about. The image of rusty submarines was a fitting testimony of the inherent hollowness of a planned economy.

The Ten Commandments, Moral Anarchy, and the Secular State

Another Ten Commandments display has been removed from another school, and a nation is shocked when it reads stories about young people raping classmates and murdering school children and its government passing thousands of pages of new laws and regulations that will trample on our basic liberties. Should we be surprised that a fourth-grade student is told by his teacher to write the following?: “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.

The minimum wage is bad for employers, workers and the economy

The minimum wage is about freedom. Think about it. The government is forcing employers to pay people a certain amount of money. It’s no wonder that a majority of voters have no problem with the government taking ever higher amounts of money from workers in the form of taxes. When the minimum wage goes up, union wages and benefits also go up. That’s why unions are always behind an increase in the minimum wage.