Five Reasons My Generation is Not Getting Married…and what can be done about it

I’m single and 25. I’m not a psychologist, statistician or counselor. As girls within Christian, conservative, homeschooling circles go…I am a pretty average one. I’ve got lots of friends (both guys and girls), am well-traveled, love adventure, and am a forward-thinker. I’m the girl who knew at age 8 that I was going to be a wife and momma, and who sat her Dad down when I was 17 just to make sure that if Mr.

Worldview Super Conference IV 2010 Webcast

Below You Will Find All 22 Talks from American Vision’s Most Recent Worldview Conference. * Please Note: Due to the size and quality of these videos, you will need to make sure the internet you are using has speed that is broadband. The best viewing experience will be with speeds of 6mbs or higher. Why Government CAN Save You presented by Gary DeMar The Impact of the Reformation on America presented by Rev.

There Are No "Involuntary Initiatives"

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Every religion consists of moral precepts, and of dogmas.” ((Quoted in Paul Grimley Kuntz, The Ten Commandments in History: Mosaic Paradigms for a Well-Ordered Society (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2004), 170.)) There is a corollary to Jefferson’s observation: “Every non-religion consists of moral precepts, and of dogmas.” Jefferson himself proved this by compiling a moral philosophy in his Literary Commonplace Book. Ted Turner summarily dismissed the Ten Commandments.

Is Eyjafjallajokull a Prophetic Sign of the End?

For decades now, modern-day prophecy writers have been claiming that the increase and severity of earthquakes are sure indicators that the rapture is near. Carl G. Johnson wrote in 1972 that “the greatest earthquakes that have ever shaken this world have all come since the close of World War I. Several of them shook the whole earth.” ((Carl G. Johnson, Prophecy Made Plain for Times Like These (Chicago: Moody Press, 1972), 86.

Horton Hears a Hoot

Doug Wilson briefly takes on Michael Horton’s “two-kingdom” nonsense as the latter tried to infuse it as “Reformed” in his recent Tabletalk critique of N.T. Wright: [I]n the last column of the article, the whole thing starts to go south on Horton. He offers this complaint – “Wright also has a clear agenda to get Christians to transform the world by ‘living the gospel.'” What? Like Calvin didn’t? Like Knox didn’t?

Christian Thievery

“You shall not steal” (Deut. 5:19). Most Christians would claim they try their best to live by these words which are a part of the timeless, and still applicable, Ten Commandments given to us in the Old Testament. However, we have a big discrepancy going on with our claim of following God’s commandments, and the economic system with which we live by and endorse. It so happens that most Christians do not even recognize we are operating on an upside-down and backwards economic system that is so diabolical compared to the principles of the Bible.

Day 2 of the 2009 Worldview Conference

Folks…I just heard one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard in my life. I was so convicted that I qustioned whether or not to write this blog, or spend the rest of the evening in prayer. Fortunately for you…I’m blogging! Dr. Gary North spoke this morning, (see my previous blog). Following him was Joel McDurmon speaking about liberal fallacies in economics. One of the biggest fallacies used by liberals is what he called the “Broken Windshield” fallacy.

A Higher Education Revolution

The United States of Americawas founded on biblical principles—but the current statist education system inAmericawas not. Those who have researched the public school model have found that it is a severe deviation from the biblical model of education cheap soft tab viagra pursued byAmerica’s Founding Fathers and those who went before them. To put into perspective the difference between the current system and that enjoyed centuries before, consider these facts: some of the greatest minds in the nation’s history never attended high school, never received letter grades for their school work and hardly ever read a textbook.

All the News We Say Is Fit To Print

The New York Times is known by the slogan and masthead logo as “All The News That’s Fit To print.” A more accurate slogan would be, “all the news we say is fit to print.” But even this isn’t quite right. For the Times and every other newspaper and magazine, it’s all the news and our opinion about that news that’s fit to print. Christians have fallen into the trap set by secularists that facts and evidences speak for themselves.

We Need a 'Manhattan Oil Project' Now!

For those you who don’t know much about history, the Manhattan Project, the nickname for “Manhattan Engineer District,” was a secretive program under the authority of the Army Corps of Engineers to develop the first nuclear weapon. The project was deemed necessary because of fears that the Nazis were planning a similar program. The mission began small in 1939 but eventually employed more than 120,000 people and, in today’s money, cost around $27 billion.

The Religion of Ideology

While there is great disdain for mixing traditional religious principles with science, politics, and morality, secularists mix their own brand of religion with their ideology. “For many,” Douglas Young, professor of political science and history at Gainesville State College in Georgia, argues, “their new religion is politics, their faith is their ideology, and their church is their political party. Like religious zealots, they fervently believe they have a monopoly on truth and are hellbent on spreading their convictions, whatever the consequences.