Shilling for Dollars at the SPLC

![“Article](“" ““Article”) American Vision received a phone call from an NPR station yesterday (3.3.2009) asking me to appear on one of their shows to answer the charge by the Southern Poverty Law Center that our organization is a “hate group.” (For the record, I don’t do interviews with media outlets [...]

Premillennialism and Politics Don't Mix

![“Article](“" ““Article”) What is so troubling about Christian involvement in politics? Christians like John MacArthur, Cal Thomas, and Ed Dobson have written on the subject. MacArthur’s Why Government Can’t Save You includes the following subtitle: An Alternative to Political Activism. While MacArth [...]

Popular Culture as a Worldview Wedge

![“Article](“" ““Article”) The roads in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are always in need of repair. In fact, anyone living in a city that gets large amounts of snow fall and encounters daily thaws and nightly freezes knows what I’m talking about. The snow falls and afternoon temperatures rise just enough [...]

Who's Watching the Soothsayers?

![“Article](“" ““Article”) For decades, the National Enquirer and other tabloids have published predictions about famous people and events. Few people ever go back to check on their accuracy. Here are a few from 1996: Jay Leno will lose his Tonight Show job to Johnny Carson. O. J. Simpson will become [...]

Get a Horse and Sterilize Yourself

![“Article](“" ““Article”) When people are pushed to live consistently with their worldview assumptions, all kinds of revelations come to light. Toni Vernelli was sterilized at age 27 to “reduce her carbon footprint” and “protect the planet.”[1] If pressed, I wonder if Vernel [...]

The Beat Generation Comes to Power

![“Article](“" ““Article”) Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) defined a generation with his book On the Road and its “spontaneous prose” writing style. What was Kerouac searching for? What was he saying that gripped so many young people and sent them on a similar transcendental road trip? Kerouac never unders [...]

My 40th High School Reunion

![“Article](“" ““Article”) The city of Pittsburgh**[1]** is the jewel of Western Pennsylvania. This wasn’t always the case. On some of its “better” days more than a generation ago, Pittsburgh was noted for its smoke-filled skyline. While the steel industry brought prosperity to the region, it also bro [...]

Pluralism's Trojan Horse

With the leveling of religion, we are seeing the leveling of morality. All lifestyles are permitted in the name of diversity and pluralism. In nearly every case, Christians are the losers. Pluralism is the bait for Christians to embrace a distinctiveless Christianity. The call for Christians to adopt pluralism is just another way of diluting the truth. Pluralism becomes a club to pound out the the [...]

So What's Special About Christianity?

We at American Vision are hearing rumblings from a number of people in the Christian community that Christians are being told not to engage the culture with a distinctly biblical approach to social and political issues. So what standard is a Christian to follow when evaluating the moral boundaries of society? Some Christians will claim that we aren’t to bother with what goes on in the world. Let t [...]

The Gloucester Cuckoos

When I heard about the 17 students at Gloucester High School who are expecting babies, it reminded me of the movie Village of the Damned, based on the novel The Midwich Cuckoos, written by English author John Wyndham and published in 1957. The title of the novel refers to the way brood parasite cuckoo birds place their eggs in the nests of other birds that do not notice the “invasion.” Even after [...]

The Rotten Fruit of the Destructive Generation

A report has shown that 25% of teenage girls have a sexually transmitted disease. Surprised? We shouldn’t be. After it was learned that Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York, had been going to prostitutes for the past six or ten years, Alan Dershowitz, his former professor at Harvard, came to the governor’s defense. “I feel terrible for Eliot and his family,” Dershowitz said. “But I feel [...]

Why Many Christians Can't See What's Wrong

The ostrich with his head in the sand is the usual picture we get of cultural indifference. This image assumes the ostrich knows there’s a problem and by hiding his eyes, the problem will go away. I believe a more accurate illustration is based on an old Chinese proverb that goes like this: “If you want to know what water is, don’t ask a fish.” Never having experienced another environment, a fish [...]

Winning over the Etch-a-Sketch

The debate between evolutionists and creationists has become so specialized that the average person with basic knowledge of biology cannot follow the argumentation. How many educated Americans know anything about pseudogenes,[1] Haldane’s Dilemma,[2] transposons,[3] abiogenesis,[4] junk DNA,[5] RNA,[6] exons,[7] introns,[8] pharyngeal slits,[9] and other terms too numerous to list here? Even knowi [...]

Fight Global Warming: Get a Horse and Sterilize Yourself

When people are pushed to live consistently with their worldview assumptions, all kinds of revelations come to light. Toni Vernelli was sterilized at age 27 to “reduce her carbon footprint” and “protect the planet.”[1] If pressed, I wonder if Vernelli would decry antibiotics to keep people from dying from disease and peace talks to avert war. While I am saddened that she will never experience the [...]

Grasshoppers and Giants

Three articles dealing with two less than small Christian colleges caught my attention. The first article was written by Hanna Rosin and highlights Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.[1] Rosin is the author of the book God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America. God’s Harvard is Patrick Henry College. Of course, anyone familiar with American history surely knows t [...]

The Old and the New Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell has made a number of transitions in his fruitful ministry. Few people had heard of Jerry Falwell prior to 1979. His Thomas Road Baptist Church was his mission in life. In a sermon delivered in 1965, entitled “Ministers and Marchers,” Falwell said: [A]s far as the relationship of the church to the world, [it] can be expressed as simply as the three words which Paul gave to Timothy—“Pr [...]

John MacArthur's Prophetic Confusion

I just received a book notice from Moody Press for a new commentary on Revelation by John MacArthur with the title Because the Time is Near. At this time I will forego a critique of MacArthur’s use of “near” to describe an event he believes is “near” while the use of “near” by New Testament writers (e.g., James 5:8; Rev. 1:3) did not mean “near” when they used the same word. [...]

Playing the Conspiracy Game

What happened at Virginia Tech was tragic. Seung-Hui Cho, the student who killed 32 people and then himself, left a long and “disturbing” note behind. There are a number of curious things that lead me to believe that Cho, a Korean, was a Manchurian Candidate. You might remember the movie that was released in 1962 and starred Frank Sinatra, Angela Landsbury, and Janet Leigh. It was based on a 1959 [...]

Gnosticism, the Soul-Only "Gospel," and the End Times

A prominent end-time advocate writes that “the church is not in the business of taking anything away from Satan but the souls of men.” This person also believes that working to change culture and society is outside of God’s redemptive plan, believing that Satan has control of this world until Jesus returns and vanquishes him. In truth, Satan is a mere creature who was defeated at the cross. If we [...]

Leaving a Legacy

For the past few days, I’ve been in Orlando, Florida, attending the National Religious Broadcasters convention. The last time I attended was about 15 years ago. Most of my time has been spent meeting with other ministries that share a similar vision with American Vision. I’ve been able to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for awhile, and I’ve made some new friends. Many of the old guard broadca [...]