We Should Stop Persecuting Fornicators

The media has been all over Arnold Schwarzenegger for his extramarital affairs, much like the outcry over Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton’s affairs. Other sexual lifestyles such as homosexuality, bi-sexuality and the transgendered are widely accepted and even praised. Why is there this double standard? Maybe some people are born fornicators. Find out more in this episode of Vantage Point. [...]

Getting a Heterosexual's Mind Right

Lucas Jackson — “Cool Hand” Luke to film buffs — was the world’s most noted non-conformist ever to flicker on the silver screen. The movie Cool Hand Luke (1967) was nominated for four Academy Awards: Best Actor (Paul Newman, who lost to Rod Steiger for In the Heat of the Night), Best Supporting Actor (George Kennedy), Best Adapted Screenplay (Donn Pearce and Frank R. Pierson), and Best Original Mu [...]

Does the First Amendment Prohibit Prayer?

It seems that every time there is a council meeting the issue of prayer comes up. A Christian prays in Jesus’ name during the meeting and the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State jump in and dub these prayers unconstitutional. What does the Constitution really say? Watch Vantage Point to find out. [...]

"My Genes Made Me This Way!”

Steve Simon, a state representative from Minnesota, gave a short speech against a constitutional ban of same-sex/same-gender “marriage.” In the four-minute video, Simon works calmly to argue for homosexual marriage. Here is one of his arguments: “The scientific evidence shows more and more everyday that sexuality and sexual orientation are innate, something people are born with.” Simon’s faux argu [...]

Gay Marriage Should Not be Banned Says Rep. Simon

There has been much passionate debate over the legalization of homosexual marriage, with illogical arguments on both sides. Rep. Simon of Minnesota states some very unfounded and illogical arguments in favor of homosexual marriage. In this episode of Vantage Point, Gary takes these arguments apart and shows why they are faulty. [...]

Do You Really Want Washington to Make Budget Cuts?

In America’s current economic state, many propose cutting the budget. But when you get down to talking of cutting specific programs such as Medicare, Social Security or government education people start to balk. Most people are not willing to give up a government program that they benefit from, but ultimately we will have to give them up if we want to right the economic wrongs that have abou [...]

"The Bible, the Great Statute-Book of the Kingdom"

When Michael Horton’s Putting Amazing Back into Grace was first published, I read it with great interest. While most of the book is worthwhile and helpful—he calls us back to the reformational cry of sola gratia—his chapter on “A Kingdom of Priests” is bewildering and off center. Other works by Horton contain beneficial analyses of contemporary trends that I have found useful. For example, Horton [...]

Evolutionist Warns: Natural Selection Will Destroy Us

Nobel Prize winning Biochemist Christian de Duve, a professor emeritus at New York City’s Rockefeller University and 1974 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, warns that “natural selection has resulted in traits such as group selfishness being coded in our genes. These were useful to our ancestors under the conditions in which they lived, but have become noxious to us today.” [...]

Is 'Gay' the new 'Black'? If You Don't Think So, then You Might belong to a Hate Group

Any time the liberal media want to disparage the right side of the political spectrum, they call on a pool of go-to guys and gals to make their case for them. It’s not news reporting; its ideological position marketing. One of their go-to guys is Mark Potok of the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is in the money raising business for every known and unknown left-wing cause. It has go [...]

When Disobeying the Law is the Righteous Thing to Do

“In 1660 John Bunyan disobeyed the law of England by preaching without a license. He was arrested at a church meeting and put in prison so damp that he said it was enough to ‘make the moss grow on one’s eyebrows.’ There he converted his prison into a pulpit and wrote the greatest of all Christian classics, Pilgrim’s Progress. He was told that he would be released if he promised not to further viol [...]

Rewriting History

D.W. Griffith directed the 1915 epic-making silent film masterpiece The Birth of a Nation, based on the play by Thomas Dixon called The Clansman. The purpose of the film was to rewrite the history of the South and the Civil War. The title The Clansman was changed to The Birth of a Nation to give the film broader appeal. President Woodrow Wilson, a former classmate of Dixon’s, praised the Ku [...]

Signs of the End Times in the Middle East

Rioting in Egypt, dead birds falling from the sky, dead fish and cattle, many modern Bible prophecy experts would have you believe that these are all signs that the end is near. American Vision has a very different understanding of Bible prophecy, one of hope, victory and purpose. We would like to share this vision with you at our first National Prophecy Conference. Visit NationalProphecyConferenc [...]

The Scourge of Unbridled Democracy

Islam is a worldview masquerading as a religion intent on world domination through fear, terror, and the ballot box. The talk from both ends of the political spectrum is that “democracy” will cure the ills of Iraq, Iran, Egypt, and the surrounding Muslim nations. What if the protesting people of Egypt decide they want a Taliban-style social and political system whose goal is to defeat the infidel [...]

The Accidental Entertainers

If you’re looking for a sweet, peaceful tale to help you drift off to slumberland, don’t choose one of the stories from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The stories collected by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm in the 1800s often paint a cruel life as many generations of central Europeans knew it. In collecting and writing down the Germanic folktales, the brothers were attempting to preserve a part o [...]

Leftist Rhetoric, Political Assassinations, and Race Riots

NPR’s Scott Simon claims that events like the Tucson shootings “Didn’t happen when 63 million people watched Walter Cronkite (1916–2009) every night.” “Uncle Walter,” as he was affectionately called, reported during a time when there were only three major TV news sources—ABC, CBS, and NBC. There were no comparable conservative competitors. Conservatives got their message out through privately publ [...]

Christian Filmmaker Talks Country Music and Apologetics

Filmmaker Darren Doane, joins Gary to talk about his work with the Zac Brown Band, as well as the recently published study guide to his documentary, “Collision.” The documentary follows, atheist, Christopher Hitchens, and Christian apologist, Douglas Wilson on their four day debate over the question - is Christianity good for the world? “Collision: The Study Guide” is desig [...]

Jimmy Carter Should Stop Teaching Sunday School

The Huffington Post reports that Former President Jimmy Carter said in a recent interview with “Big Think” “that the nation’s tolerance of gays [sic] had grown to a level that could facilitate the election of a gay [sic] president.” Carter believes this would be a good thing for America. James Carville, an advisor to Bill Clinton when he was president, asked, “How do we know we haven’t had one?” I [...]

The Most Controversial "Holiday"

Here in America, there is tension among many retailers about whether to put up a Christmas Tree or not, while a posh hotel in the United Arab Emirates has the world’s most expensive Christmas Tree in its lobby. Then there are the liberals who try to say Christmas is about a homeless couple. Why is Christmas under such attack? Watch this episode of Vantage Point, where our panel addresses the [...]

The Christmas Story is Not about a Homeless Couple

With Congress wrangling over amnesty for illegal aliens, the budget, taxes, earmarks, and the extension of unemployment benefits, it won’t be long before we hear liberals telling conservatives how unchristian they are for not voting for more government aid to help the poor. And they will appeal to the Bible in an attempt to make their point. Every Christmas season we hear the inevitable revisionis [...]

A Modern Crime from the Bible

My daughter-in-law’s mother teaches orchestra at a local public school. One day, as she was going down the stairs, she slipped and fell and received a sever shoulder injury that required surgery. She could have been killed. It turns out that a student had squirted baby oil on the steps. The administration did very little to track down the culprits. No one was ever charged. My daughter-in-law&rsquo [...]