Critically Studying Biblical Eschatology

People’s eschatology effects the way they live out their lives. Pre-millennialists and post-millennialists acknowledge this. The relationship between eschatology and culture is inseparable in each generation and nation. Gary critically evaluates his critics that suggest “getting along” is more important than correctly interpreting Bible prophecy. If Biblical eschatology can be un [...]

Israel in End Times Bible Prophecy

Gary describes the different views of interpretation in Bible prophecy in relation to the nation of Israel. Some Christians believe Israel is set apart from the Church; others think the Church is added to the “children of God” and the outgrowth of “God’s people” since the time of the apostles. Learn how to make sense of all the views and see what is consistent with th [...]

Dealing with Straw Man Eschatology

![“ArtIm:](“" ““ArtIm:”) In the Preterist view, God has canceled every covenant with Israel. There is no future or significance for the Jewish people or Israel as a nation. There is no fulfillment of the Davidic covenant. There is no reign of Messiah from a throne in Jerusalem. All of God’s promises to Isra [...]

Preterism Found in the Book of Acts

What dispensationalists think preterists believe usually is not true. There are several misconceptions about preterism that are commonly spread by dispensational scholars. Gary tackles the subject to give you a better understanding of how preterism is supported by Bible prophecy. [...]

Preterism in the Witness Box

Gary counters more dispensationalism with Bible-based facts. The New Testament lays out a “soon” judgement of Israel, and how it was fulfilled was through the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. Dr. Heidler interprets Preterism as replacement theology, but as Gary explains, there’s not a replacement at all. [...]

Prophecy Past vs. Prophecy Future

Gary uses scholarly biblical hermeneutics to make an honest interpretation of Bible prophecy. Bible prophecy supports more fulfillment of Revelation than not. The fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 must be explained by dispensational scholars to validate futurist apocalyptic prophecy. [...]

Reading Into Bible Prophecy

Gary debates the dispensational views of Bible prophecy. Dispensational scholars have said the burden of proof is on the preterists, but as Gary demonstrates, it’s quite the other way around. [...]

Avoiding Doomsday Hype and Hysteria

![“ArtIm:](“" ““ArtIm:”) The doomsday film 2012 had a mega-weekend at the box office. It took in $225 million over a period of five days, a combination of $65 million domestically and $160 million internationally Wednesday through Sunday (Nov. 11–16, 2009). In anticipation of the hype and hysteria of the Ma [...]

Debunking "Last Days Fever" at Charisma

![“ArtIm:](“" ““ArtIm:”) “Charisma magazine provides news, analysis, prophetic commentary and teachings for charismatic and Pentecostal Christians.” Lee Grady, who came out of the Maranatha movement of the 1980s, is its editor. Since I don’t follow what goes on among charismatics, I can’t comment on all the [...]

Seeing Beyond the Fences

![“ArtIm:](“" ““ArtIm:”) Every generation has had its prophecy analysts who claimed that current events are tied to an inevitable cataclysm. The History Channel is running “Apocalypse: The Puzzle of Revelation,” “Seven Signs of the Apocalypse,” and “Nostradamus and 2012” based on the Mayan doomsday prophecy [...]

Making Bad Prophecy Predictions Vanish

![“ArtIm:](“" ““ArtIm:”) Ehrich Weiss (1874–1926), best known as the master magician Harry Houdini, lived in Appleton, Wisconsin, as a young boy where his father served as rabbi of the Zion Reform Jewish Congregation. Over the years, Houdini ast [...]

Did Jesus Identify Obama as the Antichrist?

An article on WorldNetDaily’s website reports on an anonymous “Christian with a theological education and many years in the ministry . . . who claims Jesus might have revealed who the antichrist is.” Mr. Anonymous makes it clear in his five-minute YouTube video that he is not claiming that Barack Obama is the antichrist. He states that he is only pointing out how two Hebrew words have “striking” c [...]

Is a "Cashless Society" a Sign of the End?

![“ArtIm:](“" ““ArtIm:”) I’m beginning to see that prophetic speculation is taking place on the fringes of the Christian publishing industry. Of course, you will still find the occasional prophetic pot-boiler. Mark Hitchcock writes a couple of [...]

Premillennialism and Politics Don't Mix

![“Article](“" ““Article”) What is so troubling about Christian involvement in politics? Christians like John MacArthur, Cal Thomas, and Ed Dobson have written on the subject. MacArthur’s Why Government Can’t Save You includes the following subtitle: An Alternative to Political Activism. While MacArth [...]

Billy Graham Association Goes Apocalyptic

![“Article](“" ““Article”) In 2009, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website tells us that it “will focus on the return of Jesus Christ—and how you can live a faithful life in the meantime.” This focus isn’t anything new. Graham has been preaching an end-time message since the 1950s. The arti [...]

A Defense of Dispensationalism

![“Article](“" ““Article”) John MacArthur is preaching series on eschatology that is being broadcast on WLQV, a Detroit, Michigan, radio station this week. Some of this material was published in his 1999 book The Second Coming: Signs of Christ’s Return and the End of the Age. Using a debater’s trick, [...]

One-World Government Biblical?

![“Article](“" ““Article”) Some readers get upset any time I point out how modern-day prophecy writers misrepresent the Bible. My critics don’t seem to mind that Hal Lindsey has been wrong over the years in an area of study that has made his reputation and so much of Christendom has embraced as “gos [...]

Debating Another Dispensationalist

For 20 years I have been debating the topic of eschatology. It started with Dave Hunt (four debates) after the publication of my book The Reduction of Christianity (co-authored with Peter J. Leithart) and has included debates with Thomas Ice (nine debates), Paige Patterson, Robert L. Thomas, Ed Hindson, John Sweigart, Michael Wechsler, and countless radio shows where callers would rapid-fire quest [...]

John MacArthur's Defense of Dispensationalism

In 1988, John MacArthur wrote The Gospel According to Jesus, a controversial book in certain circles because he relied heavily on the views of Calvinistic writers to deal with the lordship salvation controversy. My respect for MacArthur grew because he was not afraid to take on those in his own dispensational camp who were teaching “defective theology” about discipleship. The book got [...]