Atheists Can't Find a Founding Father

Atheists Can't Find a Founding Father

Atheists are in a full-court press to take a public stand and declare their belief that God does not exist. The long-term implications of such a belief are horrendous to think about, but I’ll save my comments on that topic for another time. A few years ago, the American Atheists set up a monument to “no God” but couldn’t find an American founder who was an atheist. The monument includes the following:

Former Christian Becomes an Atheist Because of Ken Ham?

The Christian Post is publishing an eight-part series about Christians who are “Leaving Christianity.” The series “explores the reasons why many Americans are rejecting the faith they grew up with.” I have to say that some of the reasons these former professing Christians used to justify their rejection of “the faith once delivered” are pitiful. One has to wonder what kind of Christian faith did they believe, and in the case of Ryan J.

Worldviews and Why They Matter: A Free PDF Presentation

I was searching for something on my computer and I came across a PowerPoint presentation I put together for myself and for a group of second-year law students that they got on a CD. It consists of a collection of material that I’ve saved over the years. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive study of the Christian worldview. It’s a compilation of the elements that make up worldviews, definitions, opposition, illustrations – 50 in all.

Christians Who become Atheists Find It Impossible to Live as Consistent Atheists

The following is from the Christian Post: Ryan J. Bell, former pastor of the Hollywood Adventist Church in California, launched an experiment to live without God on New Year’s Eve in 2013 after preaching for 20 years. A year later, he concluded that God did not exist. Five years into that decision, he admits that for a while he missed Christianity, but not anymore. What I would like to see Bell do is live consistently without God for a year!

Is 'Unabashed Atheist' Ron Reagan The Voice of the Democrat Party?

What happens to the children of parents who espoused the Christian faith? Franky Schaeffer has repudiated his father’s work and his own work he did with and for his father. Josh Harris has denounced the faith of his father, Greg Harris. Jonathan Merritt is promoting same-sex everything. His father is James G. Merritt, the Senior Pastor of Cross Pointe Church in Georgia. Now we come to Ronald Reagan, Jr. He’s an outspoken atheist, “an unabashed atheist,” to put a finer point on it.

Atheism, the Invisibility of God, and 'Young Sheldon'

The first episode of the third season of CBS’s Young Sheldon is titled “Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes.” The show is a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory that was created by anti-Christian Chuck Lorre. In the Young Sheldon episode, Sheldon’s mother is concerned about her genius son’s mental condition. It seems that one of Sheldon’s mentors was committed to a psychiatric hospital for mental insanity. In an attempt to talk with him about her concerns, she took him on a drive and asked him questions about whether or not he saw things that other people don’t, and if he ever felt paranoid, and ended the conversation by telling him that he can confide in her about anything.

Judge Gives Bible to Convicted Murderer and Atheists Go Crazy

Amber Guyger was convicted of murder after shooting Botham Jean, an unarmed black man. Guyger thought she was in her own apartment when she returned home, and that Botham Jean had broken into her apartment. She was sentenced to ten years in prison instead of the maximum 28. The brother of the murder victim embraced her and told her that he had forgiven her. In their brief encounter, he presented the gospel to her.

Dominion vs. Chaos

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Manson murders. While the 1950s ended with the assassination of JFK, the 1960s began with the arrival of The Beatles to the USA in 1964. The 1960s reached their peak with Woodstock and ended with the Manson murders and the Kent State shootings on May 4, 1970. The world was ripe for change. The 1960s did not rise Phoenix-like from some neutral dawn.

When This One Thing is Gone, It's All Over

London buses were outfitted with the following banner ads: “There’s Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Life.” ((See Gwynne Dyer, “The Atheist Buses” (February 8, 2009).)) The sponsors hoped the postings would get people to question the existence of God: “This campaign to put alternative slogans on London buses will make people think — and thinking is anathema to religion,” the promoters argue. “[Richard] Dawkins said that as an atheist he ‘wasn’t wild’ about the ad’s assertion that there was ‘probably’ no God.

To Exclude God from America’s Founding is to Deny History

The exclusion of one God opens the door for the inclusion of another God. There is no such thing as religious neutrality. In the end, there will be a sovereign. That sovereign could show itself in the One State or the many individuals. The philosophy of Georg F. W. Hegel (1770-1831), followed by Marxists, Fascists, Nazis, and unbeknownst to many liberals, expresses the argument with chilling consistency: “The Universal is to be found in the State….

How Ray Comfort Should Not Answer a Skeptic: Part 3

Bible prophecy is an empirical discipline. It can be tested. Did a prophet’s prediction come to pass as stated? The Bible takes such predictions seriously. A false prediction is a reflection of a prophet’s authority and can have grave consequences: But the prophet who speaks a word presumptuously in My name which I have not commanded him to speak, or which he speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die” (Deut.

Can Atheists Account for Rationality, Logic, and Morality?

Atheists are great at being atheists when they only talk to other atheists or construct a straw-man theist and show how easy it is to set him on fire. A recent example is in the premiere episode of the second season of HBO’s Crashing. A conversation develops between Penn Jillette and Pete (who appears as a Christian in the first season) over the existence of God. The conversation is scripted. I could make an atheist look like an idiot if I got to write the dialog for the atheist.

The Foundational Government of Society

Politics gets the lion’s share of attention these days. Give the State enough power and authority and all will be right with the world. Empowering civil government as the ultimate change agent is to destabilize society and turn the people into wards of the State. Leftists are always talking about people with too much power and money, and yet they want to reduce the number of people with the power so they can control everything.

You Won't Believe What These Atheists Say About Christianity

François-Marie Arouet (1694–1778), known by his pen-name, Voltaire, is reported to have said, “I don’t believe in God, but I hope my valet does so he won’t steal my spoons.” For many atheists, holding to religious tenets, at least for other people, is practical because it keeps them from stealing their stuff. In the spirit of Voltaire, Atheist Richard Dawkins tweeted: “Before we rejoice at the death throes of the relatively benign Christian religion, let’s not forget Hilaire Belloc’s menacing rhyme: ‘Always keep a-hold of nurse, For fear of finding something worse.

The Atheist’s Dilemma Regarding Something Called ‘Evil’

Given an atheistic or even an agnostic starting point, how can someone be outraged by evil? Without God, being outraged over the presence of evil is a subjective notion borrowed from the Christian worldview. “If God is nothing,” according to Russian novelist Feodor Dostoyevsky (1821–1881), “everything is permitted; if God is nothing, everything is a matter of indifference.” ((Feodor Dostoyevsky, The Devils (The Possessed), trans. David Magarshark (Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books, 1953), 126.

Two atheists walk into a bar. . . .

If there is no God, can there be morality? I’m not asking whether atheists are moral people and do moral things. They do, but by what unimpeachable and ultimate standard? An atheist might say that certain laws are good for the advancement of the species. But let’s not forget that as an evolved species (according to atheism), we got here “red in tooth and claw.” We evolved upward through violent means.

Why it might be OK to torture your neighbor

A live-streaming Facebook posting of four blacks torturing a special needs white man has gotten universal attention. The outcry of what happened was so visceral that liberals had to declare it a “hate crime,” a designation that heretofore mostly only applied to those from legislatively designated minority groups who had been assaulted in the commission of a crime that included racial and anti-“gay” motives: “Chicago police earlier on Thursday said they don’t believe the attack was racially motivated despite the suspects yelling ‘F*** Donald Trump!

How the Robotic Revolution is Exposing the Inherent Flaws of Evolution

Facts are stubborn things. Those of us who are critical of the claim that nothing become something, and that something somehow organized itself into living organisms, and then gradually evolved over millions of years into what you and I see in the mirror each morning have always known that such a hypothesis is riddled with holes. Biochemist Michael Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box defended the premise “that some biochemical structures are too complex to be explained by known evolutionary mechanisms and are therefore probably the result of intelligent design.

Can Atheism Ever be a Defense Against Evil?

“[P]rofessional God-slayer Richard Dawkins begrudgingly admitted that Christianity may actually be our best defense against aberrant forms of religion that threaten the world.” Here’s what he said: “There are no Christians, as far as I know, blowing up buildings. I am not aware of any Christian suicide bombers. I am not aware of any major Christian denomination that believes the penalty for apostasy is death. . . I have mixed feelings about the decline of Christianity, in so far as Christianity might be a bulwark against something worse.

How the Eating of Michael Rockefeller Supports Atheism

Three articles caught my attention. In the first one, a former Seventh Day Adventist pastor “pledged to live 2014 god-free in order to test his faith.” He “now says he is contemplating leaving religion for good.” Ryan Bell had “resigned as pastor of the church he had worked at for 19 years. He had become uncomfortable with the way his religion has handled homosexuality and felt that the organization was no longer in line with his more liberal views.