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Money is a Coward and Knows Nothing about Patriotism

A few years ago, George Stephanopoulos (Γεώργιος Στεφανόπουλος),  a descendant of Greek immigrant parents, stated that companies that go overseas as a result of high taxes in America are “unpatriotic.” Was it unpatriotic for Greeks to leave their home country to find a better life in the United States? When they left Greece, they ended […]

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Is Modern-Day Iran in Bible Prophecy?

I posted a few comments on Mark Hitchcock's site where he was promoting his third (or is it his fourth) book on Iran and Bible prophecy. I can't find what I posted, so I'll post some of what I wrote there. First, Mark Hitchcock writes a lot of books on Bible prophecy from a dispensational […]

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My Two Very Different Encounters on the Topic of Bible Prophecy

Late Sunday evening, I returned from Idaho after doing two full days of content projects for American Vision. Upon arriving in Atlanta very late that evening I took the shuttle to where my car was parked. I don’t know how the conversation with the driver started, but she made a comment about how our nation […]

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The Rise of the Divine State in a Time of Crisis

A crisis can lead people to make bad decisions. In a time political crisis, the people of Israel chose Saul as their savior-king even after being told what tyranny he would bring on the nation (1 Sam. 8). The Jewish leadership, when given the opportunity to embrace Jesus as their king, the cried out, "We […]

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Cleaning Toilet E-Mailer Responds

The response to the article on “Homeschoolers are Only Good for Cleaning Toilets” drew a huge response from homeschool students and parents from all over the country. It was also picked up by other web sites and homeschool organizations. I am amazed at the wonderful accomplishments of so many young people and the dedication of […]

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'Homeschoolers are only good for cleaning toilets'

The title for today's article is taken from a response to one of American Vision's daily articles. The respondent is an atheist who claims he can refute any argument raised in defense of the Christian faith. I have irritated him so much by answering his poorly researched responses he sends to me that his true character is spilling out in a public way. His personal emails to me are worse than what I have reproduced here. If you want to know what the world would be like with atheists in control, here's a little taste:

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Leftists HATE Homeschooling, and What They Hate, You Should Love

You may not have seen the article in Harvard Magazine with the title “The Risks of Homeschooling” written by Erin O’Donnell. Risks to whom? Risks to the Messianic State. There can’t be any competition with the State and its total-control agenda by any other government, including the family, and the family is a government. The […]

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The Day Governments Made the Earth Stand Still

One of my favorite science fiction films is the 1951 classic The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, and Billy Gray who went on to star as Bud in Father Knows Best. The film is based on Harry Bates’s 1940 short story “Farewell to the Master.” The film version differs considerably […]

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How Essential is the Federal Government?

My friend Darren Doane, creator of the film Collision and producer of many of my videos on eschatology, posted the following on Facebook: Here was my response: The fact that the Federal Government has not been able to stop the spread of a virus means it’s not essential. My comment seems to have hit a […]

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The Mark of the Beast and Buying and Selling

In a recent sermon, Pastor David Jeremiah called the COVID-19 pandemic “the most apocalyptic thing that has ever happened to us.” Really? Not the black plague that killed 30 to 60 percent of Europe’s population, two world wars, [1] the economic crisis of the Great Depression, the Dustbowl of the 1930s, or the Spanish Flu […]

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How Atheists Lie About History

In 2000 Years of Disbelief: Famous People with the Courage to Doubt the author makes the following claim: For anyone scanning the past and surveying the current world scene, it is nearly impossible to find any outstanding person—except for popes, archbishops, kings, and other rulers—who says the purpose of life is to be saved by […]

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What Will Prophecy Speculators Think of Next?

For some Christians, the plain sense of the Bible has become irrelevant when it comes to prophetic speculation. They ignore the obvious and dwell on the superfluous. Actually, the utter ridiculous. The late David Chilton told the story about a discussion he had with a woman on the topic of Bible prophecy. He wasn't getting […]

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