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“Are we Living in the Last Days?” An Interview With Gary DeMar

Recently, I was interviewed by Hank Hanegraaff on the topic of eschatology. Why is this an important topic? Because millions of Christians are bound by it and live in terms of it in a negative way. Considering the following that was sent to me by a friend: I had a woman tell me today that […]

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Some History, Corrections, and Additions to the History of Christian Reconstruction

Dr. Gary North and I have been going back over some history of what has been labeled "Christian Reconstruction." We're are trying to retrieve all the documentation we can for an archive for future generations to understand what took place and the ongoing impact of the principles outlined in books, newsletters, and video. We're working […]

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Famous Actress Thanks God For Killer Virus

If there are any more Never-Trumper GOPers, pro-Biden Evangelicals, or Third-Party voters left, you need to pay attention to this message from the queen of Leftism, Jane Fonda. She fits all the criteria of a modern-day Leftist — privileged, rich, arrogant, and out of touch with reality. When the system comes crashing down on us, […]

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Scapegoating “White Christians” for Climate Change

California, Oregon, and Washington State are burning—and it’s all the fault of “white Christians.” So says a professor at Oregon State University because “white Christians” are “science-deniers” who don’t believe in catastrophic man-made global warming. reports (10/2/20) that Susan Shaw, professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Oregon State University claims (as do […]

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Selling One's Soul For Social Acceptance

All of a sudden, Democrats have found religion. Religion is now OK … but only if you are a Democrat and you need religion to brainwash and woo ill-informed so-called Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics to help win the White House. Biden is said to be a “good and faithful Catholic.” This is the same […]

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Christians, Politics, and the Upcoming Election

This November’s election will be the most impacting election our nation has faced because it deals with two opposing political philosophies. Being informed on the platforms of each political party is important to make intelligent decisions that will have long-term consequences for us, our children, and grandchildren. Should Christians be involved in politics? Should Christians […]

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What I Said to Those Attending the Fight Laugh Feast Conference

How did you get here? I don’t mean “did you fly or drive?” How did you come to believe and act upon the beliefs you now embrace? We need to remember that there has been a long history of quietism and pietism among Christians. Not only weren’t Christians on offense but they were hardly playing […]

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The First Fight Laugh Feast Conference

While the world seems out of control, God is still the Sovereign Lord of history. What we are seeing manifested in nearly every area of life is a manifestation of unsustainable ideologies working themselves out. Paul wrote, "they will not make further progress; for their folly will be obvious to all" (2 Tim. 3:9). There […]

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The Third-Party Dream that’s a Nightmare

After the first debate between Pres. Trump and Joe Biden, I saw some people on Facebook say they are going to vote for third-party candidates. Really? How is that going to help? They claim it will send a signal to both political parties. Neither party cares unless it damages one party or the other. The […]

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The Dogma of the anti-Christian Bigots

Should being an active Christian bar you from public service? Yes, say many pundits today. It would seem that the left wants to impose a religious test to bar anyone who truly believes in Jesus from serving in government. The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg left a vacancy on the Supreme Court. In the […]

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Is There a Time to Stop Praying and Start Doing?

For decades, Christians have been reluctant to get involved in politics. These Christians either don’t vote or when they do vote they do so in terms of what government can do for them. The government is seen as their earthly savior. They are more concerned about where their next flu shot is coming from rather […]

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The Maker Versus the Takers: What Jesus Really Said About Social Justice and Economics

When I became a Christian in 1973, I did not know much about the Bible. I went to a Catholic School through the fifth grade and church every Sunday, but I was only able to pick up some basic knowledge about Christmas and Easter. My first reading of the Bible was for knowledge. What does […]

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