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The Education of Democratic Man

An education is one of the few things that we can give ourselves and our children that will have lifelong effects. Although most American families send their children - as they themselves were sent by their own parents - to public schools, how often have we stopped to question the goals of the public education system? Christian parents especially should be asking this question if they are truly concerned whether their goals for educating their children are similar to the public schools'.

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The Design of the Constitution

Although some compromises were necessary to complete the framing of our Constitution - and to ensure that we had a constitution at all - our Constitution was not a mere bundle of pragmatic compromises. Our Constitution was designed: it was the product of a carefully crafted deliberative process in which history's lessons concerning the effects of different forms of civil government for liberty and justice were carefully weighed and the proposed means of giving us the best form of republican government that the people of the various states would accept were both considered and reconsidered.

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Are You a Schizophrenic Christian?

Worldview conferences are springing up all over. This is a good thing. We've moved from Immanuel Kant's philosophically formulated Weltanschauung to James Orr's "view of the world" to Abraham Kuyper's "life-system" to the Dutch Reformed "World-and-Life-View" to simply Worldview. For this, Christians should be thankful. The gospel, the "good news," is about the full view of the kingdom, both in its comprehensive (the Bible speaks about everything) and personal applications (individual Christians should apply the Bible to every area of life).

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Where the Logic of Unbelief Leads

R.C. Sproul writes that "God's existence is the chief element in constructing any worldview. To deny this chief premise is to set one's sails for the island of nihilism. This is the darkest continent of the darkened mind - the ultimate paradise of the fool." Arguing with people who have set sail "for the island of nihilism" is a frightening ordeal. By pushing them to be consistent with their underlying presuppositions, the philosophical nihilists have become moral nihilists.

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The Privatization of Religious Liberty

The Statute's resolution to the malady of selfish men and their propensity to unfair debate is to merely affirm, "That no man shall . . . suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief; but that all men shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinion in matters of religion, and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities."

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Shilling for Dollars at the SPLC

American Vision received a phone call from an NPR station yesterday (3.3.2009) asking me to appear on one of their shows to answer the charge by the Southern Poverty Law Center that our organization is a "hate group." (For the record, I don't do interviews with media outlets that are subsidized by tax dollars.) The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed American Vision as a "hate group" under the "other" category on their website because we are "anti-gay.' I guess the majority of people in California who voted to outlaw homosexual marriage are also "haters." Of course they are. Read what homosexuals say about them!

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The Return of American Fascism

We've been taught that fascism is a foreign-born ideology that spawned the political aspirations of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. In reality, fascism has had a long history in America and has been resurrected by people who believe that power guided by good intentions can do no harm. They are ignorant of history and human nature. We don't have to go abroad to find examples of fascism. The political philosophies of presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson are textbook examples of fascism in action. Do you find this hard to take? Here's what Jonah Goldberg says on the subject in his bookLiberal Fascism (2007)

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Why We Need Rich People

The rich often get a bum rap. Liberals are incensed when it is suggested that "the rich" get any type of tax reduction even though the top 50% of wage earners pay 96% of all income taxes. Since they spend more money, the rich also pay a disproportionate amount in sales, property, entertainment, and excise taxes. Without the rich, most people would not have jobs.

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Drive-By Sermons

They abound in our American culture. Our roads and highways are covered with signs of all shapes and sizes clamoring for our attention and proclaiming various points of view. We are told when to go, when to stop, where to shop, what to buy, whom to vote for, even which soap works best. Not to be outdone by their competition, many churches have started pushing some sign gospel of their own, but the news is far from good.

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One's Soul for a Political Pottage Mess

"I am a Christian, I am a Protestant, I am a Baptist . . . [and] my own personal religious faith . . . has developed out of my own personal experience in life as well. . . . [T]he tradition of which I'm a part recognizes the importance of personal communication with the deity, along with the lessons that come from Scripture."
- Al Gore

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Premillennialism and Politics Don't Mix

What is so troubling about Christian involvement in politics? Christians like John MacArthur, Cal Thomas, and Ed Dobson have written on the subject. MacArthur's Why Government Can't Save You includes the following subtitle: An Alternative to Political Activism. While MacArthur does not "believe we should remove ourselves from the political process," he does object to "the prevailing mindset that makes political and social activism the primary business of Christianity and reduces faith in Christ to just another political force."

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Brave New Technology

In the 1955 fictional short story, Watchbird, written by Robert Sheckley, we read of a technologically rich society that has decided to do something about the crippling problem of murder. Winged metal protectors patrol the sky looking for the warning signs of a possible homicide and swoop in to stop the murder before it can happen. While the program of using birdlike "guardian angels" appears to be flawless, the director of the manufacturing plant, Charlie Gelsen, has nagging doubts about "allowing machines to make decisions that are rightfully Man's."

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