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No Creed but Christ

The "Back Page" of the April 2009 edition of Christianity Today contains an article by Chuck Colson called "Doctrine Bears Repeating." In the article, Colson argues that the church needs to get back to teaching doctrine. Citing several examples of rampant biblical illiteracy among church-goers as evidence, Colson makes his point unavoidably clear with his final words:

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“Swine Flu” and the End of the World

"People were surrounded by traumatic death. And they didn't have any idea how far it would go. Was it going to kill everybody? . . . Could this be the end of the world-is this Armageddon that the street corner ministers are preaching about?" (Influenza, 1918) When the topic of the end times comes up […]

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Modesty Makes a Comeback

Trendy but Tasteful" is the catch phrase national chairwoman Brenda Sharman uses to describe the philosophy behind Pure Fashion, a developmental program for young women in grades eight through twelve. Training sessions cover the virtues of modesty, purity, and chastity but also include dos and don'ts of hair, make-up, and posture. Sharman states that "modesty is more than what you wear on the outside."

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Can a Bible be Used by a Jury?

On April 20, 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court turned down a challenge from a Texas death row inmate who claimed his constitutional rights were violated because the jurors consulted the Bible in the sentencing phase of the trial. The jurors consulted a passage that stated that a murderer who used an iron object to kill should be executed: "But if he struck him down with an iron object, so that he died, he is a murderer; the murderer shall surely be put to death" (Num. 35:16). The defendant Khristian Oliver was found guilty for shooting and bludgeoning his victim to death with the barrel of a gun.

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The Invisible God Called Reason

Stephen Jay Gould exposed "The stereotype of a fully rational and objective 'scientific method,' with individual scientists as logical (and interchangeable) robots, is self-serving mythology."1 Gould, who served as professor of geology at Harvard and New York University, stated that "no factual discovery of science (statements about how nature 'is') can, in principle, lead us to ethical conclusions (how we 'ought' to behave) or to convictions about intrinsic meaning (the 'purpose' of our lives). These last two questions - and what more important inquiries could we make? - lie firmly in the domains of religion, philosophy and humanistic study."

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Peddling Prophetic Snake Oil

Hal Lindsey claims that the Bible predicts that oil will be discovered in Israel. [1] The book Breaking the Treasure Code: The Hunt for Israel's Oil [2] claims to prove it by an appeal to the Bible: A treasure map was hidden in the Bible more than three thousand years ago. The treasure, a gift […]

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Seminaries, Stones, & Solid Food

There is an interesting passage in Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow that has stuck in my mind ever since I first read it. If you have never read this short story, you should. It takes about an hour to read and it is a masterwork of flowing prose; the words seem to almost fall off the page. Aspiring writers should certainly read this story for an example of powerful writing, but I would also recommend that non-writers read it to get a sense of how much popular literature has degraded since Irving wrote his story in 1820.

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Satan as "God of This World"

A popular minister whose sermons are broadcast on radio and television claims the Bible teaches that God has allowed Satan to be in control of this world until Jesus returns. He gave specific passages like Satan being labeled the "prince of this world" (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11) and argued that when Satan tempted Jesus in the desert and offered him the kingdoms of this world, Jesus didn't argue or say anything about the world being Satan's. Christians will use all types of excuses to keep themselves out of today's religious-moral-cultural battles. One of the most diabolical excuses is to claim that Satan is the rightful god of this world.

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Homosexual Marriages: Square Peg, Round Hole

Abortion opinion has shifted in the past thirty years from majority approval or indifference to majority dissent because more Americans are aware that abortion kills a preborn baby. Technology has given us a window to the womb. Take a look at the GE 4D Ultrasound. The images are astounding. If the media ever tell the truth about homosexual behavior, public opinion will change. Homosexuals know this, so they are working overtime to get laws on the books that will eventually negate any later shift in public opinion.

Stephen Hendricks, vice president of PRIDE, a Montana homosexual "rights" advocacy group, has argued for homosexual marriage for some time. His latest entry was published on January 9, 2009 in celebration of "National Freedom to Marry Day." He writes: "Fortunately, prejudice is starting to [crumble]. Polls show 75 percent of Americans think gay marriages will eventually be legal. About a third want it to happen, a third don't and another third don't care. (Among college students, three in five think gays should be able to wed.)" The reason there has been a shift in opinion is because the mainstream media refuse to define homosexuality. The euphemism "gay," like the use of "pro-choice" for killing pre-born babies, masks what homosexuality really is. It doesn't take long to get young people to reject homosexual behavior. I've accomplished it in less than 15 seconds. Aversion to abortion, the holocaust, and lynching are made more real when people see the images of the behavior.

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Antonio Gramsci Wears Prada

There's a scene in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) where "Andy," played by Anne Hathaway, observes the "Devil" in action as she takes notes at her first fashion run through. She is told to "stand, watch, and listen" by Art Director Nigel. It's at this point in the film that we get an understanding of how all-inclusive and intrusive worldviews are. Andy is the co-assistant to a powerful and demanding fashion legend who is feared, envied, and loathed as she presides over Runway magazine - the bible of the fashion industry - that can make or break a career or a business.

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A Liberal's Idea of a Simplified Tax Code

President Obama is proposing a simplification of the tax code. We've heard this before. As it now stands, the tax code consists of 60,000 pages and 3.7 million words. If the IRS wants to get you, it can easily find a way given so many rules. So what should we expect from a modified and […]

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Expert Advice (from a Non-Expert)

Teaching what to think, rather than how to think has become the new "normal" in our modern world of postmodernism. While postmodernism would have us believe that the concept of "absolute truth" is a quaint and naïve holdover from the 19th century, very few people ever live this way. It may be one thing to say it, but it is a different thing entirely to actually exist in a world of relativism. We tend to surround ourselves with people who believe the same basic things as we do.

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