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Theonomy vs. Theocracy

Even though Gary DeMar’s two articles at the beginning of the week were meant to put this issue to rest, I couldn’t resist one last article on the presidential election. After reading many of the comments to Gary’s articles and my own, I realized that most of us are talking past each other. Although many […]

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You Heard It Here First

Pretend I’ve been chosen as a special select committee of one with authority to fix the financial crisis. The following is my plan to bring you the most effective U-turn possible. I’ve taken the best of the remedies as suggested in recent weeks by various experts and merged them for your information into a single, all-inclusive […]

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How Serious Are You About Winning?

Third-party advocates are determined to maintain that they are making a difference. At best, they are casting a protest vote. Their third-party candidates don’t even register in the polls. Not a single state will be won. Not a single electoral vote will be won. John Anderson had more visibility in 1980 than any third-party candidate […]

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Third Parties and Political Presumption

I wonder if people can read. I don’t mean read the words on a page. I mean read to understand. Last week’s articles on third parties are a case in point. Two of the articles, one published by me and the other by Eric Rauch, are critical of those pushing the third-party option. These two […]

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A Plea for Sanity

Leslie Nielson was dead: to begin with. The great ship had capsized when the wave crashed over its port side and now it was slowly sinking. The passengers left inside were faced with a decision: fore or aft? Two leaders arose, each with a persuasive answer to the dilemma. It was up to the passengers […]

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Bush and the Bubble Bungle

George W. Bush, by missing many a golden chance at greatness that came his way, is almost certain to go down in honest history as mediocre rather than what he could easily have been. I personally liked what I saw of him on TV and could envision him as being a good neighbor or even […]

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The Visitor’s Center Censors America’s Christian History

The new 580,000-square-foot, $621 million Visitor’s Center is already embroiled in controversy. It seems that the illustrious planners wanted to avoid controversy by leaving out the content of America’s rich Christian heritage but had no problem including “photographs of Earth Day, information about an AIDS rally and details about the nation’s industrial sector.” See this […]

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One Party, Two Party, Three Party, Four

Trying to get elected as a third party candidate in American politics is extremely difficult if not impossible since the electing process is not by majority vote. Ballot access is also an obstacle since third parties have to meet additional criteria not required of Republicans and Democrats. Reform Party candidate Ross Perot was able to […]

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Tulip Mania

e housing market as it relates to the current economic crisis. Gary clarifies how not only is congress at fault for the market fall, but the buyers, bankers and investors too. “We might be victims of Wall Street’s greed, but not quite innocent victims.” Government interference in the market place is always a disaster.

Gary also shares insight into the insurance/loan/housing market predicaments in areas prone to natural disasters. “Why take care of myself physically if you know that there is someone else out there that will…cover my poor health decisions?”

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The Devout Atheist

Religion is a way of life for each of us in all hours of the day-in the decisions we make to the food we eat to the way we spend our money and an infinite amount of other behaviors. Even those who claim to be atheists operate in the realm of the spiritual on a […]

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Mandate 28: Strategizing for the Future

Let me share with you my take on American Vision’s exclusive Mandate 28 program. M28 is an exciting, innovative new strategy that will assist the Church in America in reversing the trends that have caused U.S. culture to suffer an obvious spiritual and moral meltdown. This societal implosion was always preventable yet the Church let […]

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The Pulpit and Politics

While driving to Charlotte, North Carolina, yesterday, I heard John MacArthur encourage Christians to vote. It wasn’t that long ago that he left the impression in his book Why Government Can’t Save You  that Christians should resist putting too much emphasis on politics. I was glad to hear that he has taken a more active […]

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