When SCOTUS Scoffs at God

When SCOTUS Scoffs at God

The Supreme Court handed over its keys to the LGBTQ community. The vocal minority of intoleristas are now in charge. The presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, stated that the SCOTUS affirmed a “profoundly American idea” that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is prohibited. Now, let’s consider that we are now comparing the rights of voting, public [...]

Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday

The Christian tradition gives several milestones during Holy Week. Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, Good Friday the crucifixion, and Easter Sunday the resurrection. But what of Saturday? Why is there no traditional designation for the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Saturday was, of course, the Jewish sabbath. It was a weekly time of quiet and reflection as God’s [...]

Join the AV support team!

From the desk of Gary DeMar: 2019 has turned out to be a great year for American Vision. We’ve been busier than ever. That’s a good thing. I spoke with a friend this week who told me that he’s been seeing AV’s material everywhere. There’s a great deal of cross-pollination going on with other ministries. People who are watching Apologia Studios are connecting with American Vision. This is good news [...]

The Reformation and Apologetics are rooted in holiness

Apologetics is the defense of the faith––apologia—and it starts with sanctifying Christ as Lord in our hearts and being ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15-16). This often starts with reformation, a return to the truth in our lives, faith, worship, and culture. [caption id=“attachment_21166” align=“alignright” width=“300”] Check out D [...]

Man Detained for Displaying "Don't Tread on Me" Bumper Sticker

Our friends at The Patriot Depot just received a call from Rosemarie in Ball, Louisiana alerting Patriot Depot that her brother-in-law was stopped by small town Louisiana police and detained by the roadside for half an hour. A background check was conducted to determine whether he was a member of an “extremist” group. Why? Her brother-in-law (name not disclosed for privacy) had purchas [...]

Kempism: Who is the Next Jack Kemp?

We’re going to need another Jack Kemp. We’re in the same mess now as we were when he rose to prominence in the 1970s: rising taxes, energy rationing, and a misguided belief that we can counter all of that with the printing press. We’re going to need someone who can understand the fundamental truth of the Laffer Curve, and still has the charisma to lead men and women in the politi [...]