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Brambles Strangling the Cedars of America

Continuing his study in Judges 9, Gary develops perspective of one of man's basic needs: to have a ruler over him. How man finds these rulers is treacherous. Does the typical man appeal to God's plan for civil government, or does the he settle for a godless form of reckless men to have dominion over […]

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The Religion of Centralized Government

Gary DeMar reviews more of the life and times of Gideon in the book of Judges, and how the fall of Gideon's power in Israel led to the centralized, powerful, religious government of Abimelech. There are parallels in those times and the times we face in America. What many Americans want is a "Baalism" of […]

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Making Changes from the Bottom Up

Conservatives and liberals alike get sucked into politics and perceive that civil government is the solution to all our worldly woes. Gary DeMar teaches that change is from the bottom up, and civil government is not where change begins for society.

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The History of Preterism and Futurism: Poisoning the Well

The following is a response to a critic of preterism named Darrell Myatt. While I've answered many of the objections he raises, I wanted to discuss his opening statement about the origin of preterism. Futurists, mostly dispensational premillennialists, claim that their position has historical pedigree. The majority of the early church fathers are said to have been premillennialists. A study of the history of the period will show that this is a gross overstatement, a point Frank Gumerlock and I make in our book "The Early Church and the End of the World."

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No More Terror in the Skies if Men Take Charge

More often than we want to admit, terrorists are attempting to beat the security systems and hijack planes filled with civilians. It is up to the passengers — you and me — to responsibly prepare ourselves for the worst. Gary highlights some of the events in 2009 that should get you thinking about self-defense, and […]

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An Environmentalist's Chant: Love Plants, People be Damned

There's a scene in the 1939 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes that has a contemporary feel to it. Dr. Moriarty is Holmes' mortal enemy. After being released from prison, Moriarity returns to to his home and begins to tend his plants. He finds his rare anthurium magenta withered because of a lack of water. He calls […]

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No More Terror in the Skies if Men take Charge

How many of you have heard about the November 17, 2009 AirTran Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston? While there is some confusion about what really happened, there is no doubt some passengers were alarmed enough to leave the plane when it returned to the gate. They believed a terrorist "dry run" was in progress. AirTran has downplayed the "alleged incident." Were these men just messing with the passengers? I don't know, but I'm not taking any chances. Were they scouting the reaction of the passengers for another group that has plans to carry out a future terror mission? It doesn't matter. I refuse to stand by while a bunch of Islamic terrorists use me and my fellow passengers to make some perverted religio-political statement. I'm not going down in an airplane without a fight. I hate flying, but I hate crashing even more.

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A Christmas Message from Delta Air Lines in 1972

Take a look at this December 1972 “Christmas Message” that appeared in Delta Digest, a monthly publication by the Public Relations Department of Delta Air Lines. Delta has come a long way in 37 years.  Now they’re one of the official sponsors of the annual Gay Pride parade. A Christmas Message To: All Members of […]

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What is Preterism? Part 2

The prophecies in the Word of God make sense and speak for themselves. Gary reviews Old and New Testament prophecies that show how the destruction of Jerusalem was the focus of their message. Most of Revelation does not relate future events, but instead the events of the first century in the Roman Empire.

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Christians Have Their Own Mayan Calendar Problems

I'm working on a new prophecy book. The tentative title is "The Christian Prophetic Calendar under the Microscope." I know; it's not a very good title. That's why I'm sponsoring a contest. Submit your title suggestion, and if I use it, I'll give you credit in the book when it's published plus a $250 gift certificate to purchase anything from American Vision's store. Email your suggestions to [email protected] Let me tell you what I have in mind so you can get an idea of what I'm after in a title.

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What is Preterism? Part 1

Most Christians don't learn the competing view-points of Christian eschatology. Do you know what preterism is? How about partial-preterism? Gary answers Christian scholar Daryl Myers' preterism misinterpretations. It is good to know your terms, types, and answer a man accurately.

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The Politics of the Government Healthcare Bill

As the Government Healthcare Bill passes the Senate with a 60-40 vote, how are Conservatives to react? Responding to a crass email received from a lawyer who would benefit from the new healthcare system, Gary examines the politics behind the bill and what the American people may expect should it be made into law.

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