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The Battle for America’s Christian Heritage

The textbooks for all public schools hinge on the choices of the school board of Texas. Now with seven Christian members, this school board is confronted with liberals that object to the Christian record found in American history. Gary reviews the historical record to show what is the truthful conclusion that should be taken with America’s history textbooks.

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A Fight over Texas Textbooks

For nearly 40 years, Texas has been fighting yearly battles over textbooks for the simple reason that the choices Texas makes, the nation makes. The decision of the school board of Texas will most likely affect the textbook selection of your public schools in your state. Texas distributes 48 million textbooks every year. This is a huge market if you are a textbook publisher. While California is the nation’s largest textbook market, the state’s financial crisis has not made it a major player. New York and Illinois are also big markets. Any new textbooks are going to be tailored to fit with what the textbook adoption agencies decide in to do in Texas since Texas has money to purchase new textbooks. “The state’s $22 billion education fund is among the largest educational endowments in the country.”

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Taking on the Textbooks in Error

Public education has textbooks riddled with factual errors, revisionist history, and biased views of science. Some Christians are challenging the status quo, and the liberals are retaliating. Are conservatives in a position to make right the wrongs in these textbooks, and how will the opposition respond? Gary shares his insights.

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We Have Only Ourselves to Blame

Don’t blame “the government.” Don’t blame Democrats or Republicans. Pogo said it best: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” We get the government we want. This is the reason Ted Kennedy was in office for more than 40 years. A majority of people in Massachusetts voted for him. He was the titan of big government, and people loved him for it, even though any other politician would have been run out of office after the Mary Jo Kopechne affair. Kennedy’s ability to bring home the bacon blurred their ability of see his legislative record through the Constitution. They were enamored with Camelot, a fictional story of what the Kennedy’s were not. It’s all about the pork. Actually, it’s about the stealing of pork and using elected government officials to do it for us. Stealing money from a neighbor in one state to fund the education of a child in another state will get you arrested. But if you elect enough congressmen to do it, you’re a “progressive.” Like children, we lack self-control. We want what’s not ours. If we are ever going to turn this nation around, we must understand the makeup of self-government.

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The Liberal Agenda of Captain America

Marvel Comics recently ignited a controversy with some negative connotations toward the Tea Party Protesters in their latest Captain America issue. Gary DeMar sheds light on this and describes the rise of the liberal agenda in comic book publishing, and what our response should be in return.

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The Very Definition of Love

American Vision received an email from a Christian who claims that it is unloving to condemn the homosexual lifestyle. His arguments are based on faulty science, bad logic, and a misreading of the Bible. His comments are in bold, my comments follow:

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What the Bible Says about Homosexuality

Scientists say homosexuality is genetic, but God otherwise. Should criminals be exempted from justice because they are genetically geared to commit theft, murder, and the like? Gary sheds light on how God’s Word would handle homosexual ethics.

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What the Tea Party Movement Must Never Forget

What is government? When this question is asked, most people re­spond by equating government solely to a centralized civil State. Even our lan­guage reflects the confusion: “Government? It’s in Washington,” or “The government will take care of its citizens through its many programs.” Both of these statements reflect a misunderstanding of the true nature of government. They portray the idea that the only governing institution is a political one. Historically, however, the term “government” was always qualified in some way, unlike our present-day definitions.

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Sticking Taxes on Everyone for the Few

Politicians and activists argue more public transportation is in order for the city of Atlanta and the surrounding area. The way to pay for it is from the pockets of tax payers that will very unlikely ever use the railways or buses themselves. Gary makes the case those that benefit should pay—not all Americans everywhere for one city’s transportation.

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Rockefeller and the New Temple in Jerusalem

Prophecy enthusiasts speculate that a man on the rise to ‘savior’ status in the Middle East will build a new temple in Jerusalem! Of course, this story has come and gone, and the developments are not true. But what are Christians expecting to happen if a new temple is built in Jerusalem, anyway? Gary DeMar explores the Biblical ramifications of Jerusalem and such a temple.

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Obama, Economics and Las Vegas

President Barack Obama went to Nevada to talk about how people shouldn’t gamble. Wait, what? Gary DeMar remarks on this irony and expounds on why the government should not get involved in how its citizens spend their money, due to how it disrupts the natural flow of basic economics. He also touches on the “trickle down” theory and how it actually works.

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Atheists Going Religious on Mother Teresa

Atheists are publicly opposing the oppressive nature of Mother Teresa stamps. Wait, what? The idea is Mother Teresa, a religious figure, as a symbol produced on the U.S. Postal Service materials is infringing on religious laws. What is the world coming to? Gary DeMar exposes the hypocrisy of the atheists as their own religious value system is branded on American stamps. Where’s atheists equality?

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