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Woodrow Wilson Was a Democrat, Friend of the KKK, and a Racist

Finally there’s something that I can agree with the liberal student crybabies. For some time now some students at Princeton University have opposed Woodrow Wilson — a Democrat — who served as president of Princeton from 1902 to 1910 and as the 28th President of the United States. Because of the iconoclasm going on around […]

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Prophecy Author Claims ‘Israel being reborn’ is ‘God’s super sign’ for the Rapture

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze published an article with the following title: “Best-selling Christian author looks for answers about the end times, says ‘Israel being reborn’ is ‘God’s super sign.’” This isn’t a new view, but it is an outdated view that cannot be found in the Bible. The idea of Israel becoming a nation again […]

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The Goal is to Keep Racial Grievances Alive Forever

Every revolution begins with lofty concerns but most often ends in violence, bloodshed, loss of freedom, and long-term despotism — from the French Revolution to the Cuban Revolution and every revolution in between and since (China and Venezuela). David Chilton writes the following in Part One of his review summary of James H. Billington’s Fire […]

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Tearing Down What’s Left of Christian Civilization

First it was the removal of Confederate statues and monuments. Next, it was Christopher Columbus. Then it was George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and even Abraham Lincoln. More are to come, and they will never be finished. The next target? John Nolte says Mount Rushmore may not survive. All pictures of white Jesus because […]

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Chick-fil-A’s Dan Cathy Should Stop Shining Shoes and Start Schools

Dan Cathy, current CEO and the son of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, said that white Christians should repent for racism and fight for their black brothers and sisters. He punctuated his demand by shining the shoes of a black man. "That will stop racial injustice," I said sarcastically. If you are racist. Repent. If […]

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SCOTUS Must Prove There are More Than Two Genders for the Latest Ruling to be Law

The latest Supreme Decision Bostock v. Clayton County (Georgia) on homosexual/transgender rights turned Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on its head by declaring that same-sex sexual behaviors and transgender claims are comparable to a person’s race and that there are more than two sexes. The Civil Rights Act was well intentioned but […]

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Judge Gorsuch’s Wrong-Headed Opinion on Homosexuality Was no Surprise to Me

Judge John Roberts showed his colors on Obamacare. He was never a man to be trusted. Judge Kavanaugh was always a wild card, but on his latest vote, he surprised me. I never trusted Gorsuch, and I said so when he was first nominated. The following is some of what I wrote on why he […]

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My Wife and I Had to Call 911 Last Night

It was 10:45 PM. My wife thought she heard the doorbell ring. She thought she was dreaming. Now wide awake, she heard it again. I had my noise-cancelling headphones, so I didn't hear anything. I got up. Retrieved my gun and made my way slowly to the front door. Our property has a number of […]

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How Black Americans Can Save Our Nation

What we are seeing happening in and to our nation is nothing new. The ideologies driving the revolution have been around for a long time. The universities are filled with ideological radicals aligned more with Marx and Marcuse than Burke and Kirk. Their radical ideas have trickled down to the high school level where multiple […]

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It's Long Past Time to Take the Red Pill

"For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king: He will save us" (Isa. 33:22). I started watching the opening few scenes of The Matrix to get to the blue pill/red pill scene. The truth is difficult to accept when you’ve believed something for so long and it […]

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'You Say You Want a Revolution.' You Might Want to Think about That

We all want to change the world. But there is a great deal of disagreement on how to do it without blowing it up. In years past, idealistic revolutionaries turned to The Beatles for inspiration. For example, “The People’s Summit” held in Chicago during a Bernie Sanders rally kicked it off with The Beatles’ song […]

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There’s So Much We’re Not Being Told on Purpose

Let’s keep in mind that the George Floyd incident took place in a Democrat-controlled police department within a Democrat controlled city within a Democrat-controlled state. How this is Pres. Trump’s fault or the fault of white people generally is beyond me. There is a huge double standard designed to radicalize the United States: President Trump […]

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