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The Religious Nature of this Present Revolution

This present revolution, and it is a revolution, has a long history going back centuries in other parts of the world but has been fomenting in the United States for some decades. There have always been socialistic and communistic movements in the United States. For the most part they have been made up of fringe […]

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The Latest Attack on ‘White Culture’ With Our Tax Dollars and Woke Donors Has Nothing to do With Black Lives

The George Floyd incident was the spark that lit a firestorm. Long before his tragic death, there had been an undercurrent of anti-American, anti-White, and anti-Christianity. The goal is total repudiation of Christian civilization in the name of racial justice and white privilege. The thing of it is, those who are calling for this cultural […]

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Georgia Governor Should Declare Unborn Babies ‘Persons’ and Shut Down All Abortuaries

“A federal judge permanently blocked Georgia's 2019 pro-life ‘heartbeat’ law, which prohibits abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, ruling that it violates the Constitution.” Governor Brian Kemp says that he’s going to appeal the unconstitutional and anti-life decision. Don't appeal. Just shut down the places doing abortions. Treat abortion the way slavery should have […]

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Are Luke 17 and Matthew 24 Describing Different Comings of Jesus?

A post on the Always Ready Facebook page has an interesting discussion on Luke 17 and its relationship to Matthew 24–25 and Greg L. Bahnsen’s view of that relationship. Dr. Bahnsen took the view that Luke 17:22–37 refers to the Second Coming while Matthew 24:1–34 refers to the judgment on Jerusalem that took place before […]

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Is It OK for Christians to Push Back Against Authoritarian Governments and Other Wickedness?

Those who forsake the law praise the wicked,But such as keep the law contend with them (Prov 28:4). A righteous man who falters before the wickedIs like a murky spring and a polluted well. (Prov. 25:26) The Left is always pushing back against government policies they do not like. There’s a right way and a […]

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Are Christians Wrong About Homosexuality?

Jen Hatmaker recently celebrated her daughter's choice to engage in a same-sex relationship, saying, “I’m so glad you’re gay. I’m so glad you’re free. I’m so glad this is how you were made. I’m thrilled about your future. I already told you about the kind of wife you need to marry.” Jen Hatmaker is an American […]

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Conservatives and Constitutionalists Are Too Quiet and Compliant

The Tea Party Movement was peaceful and respectful. No one was beaten, burned, or shot. What did it accomplish? Not much. We still have a weak GOP that refuses to fight back. Yes, there are a few outspoken Republicans, but not enough to counter the Democrat Party mob. Conservatives generally do not march in the […]

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Does Anything Matter if This is True?

We’re being told today that this matters and that matters, but without God nothing matters. Few people want to acknowledge that what we see happening today is a manifestation of the eternally present without any regard with the eternally just since there is no longer an ultimate Judge to judge. For example: CNN’s Chris Cuomo […]

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Jesus, the Mob, Surrender, and Cowardice

Though you pound a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, Yet his foolishness will not depart from him (Prov. 27:22). Lessons can be drawn from every event in the Bible because human nature has not changed since Cain killed Abel. Consider that Jesus fed thousands, healed the lame and blind, and […]

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Mount Rushmore’s Forgotten History

It began with Confederate monuments, now it’s any historical figure who was not perfect, including our nation’s founders who, although not perfect like all of us, created a system of government to fix the imperfect. The latest attack is on Mount Rushmore. Some want it blown to pieces and others want it dismantled piece by […]

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Black Activist Wants John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ as our New National Anthem

Black activist and journalist Kevin Powell wants to replace The Star Spangled Banner with John Lennon’s song Imagine, a song extoling atheism and the abolition of private property. It’s a Marxist’s dream anthem. Has he ever listened to the words? Every millionaire black person would have to divest himself or herself of billions of dollars. […]

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Two Bibles, Their Notes, and the Present Crisis

Almost daily I engage in Facebook battles with people who continue to cling to the unbiblical view that we are living in the last days and go through a long series of modifications to what the text of Scripture actually states to keep their end-time beliefs alive. It’s amazing to see the hoops they jump […]

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