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Wrapping Up The School Choice Challenge

My article last week was the second of three on the question of best school choice for Christian kids, and today wraps it up. At least for now, because the challenge is not going away soon. But, the longer that parents, and especially pastors, continue to duck the issue with feeble rationalizations, the longer it will be before Christian kids begin getting the necessary training to help make nationwide Christian Cultural Renewal

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Darwinism, Dispensationalism, and the Devil

I'm not one to blame every problem in the world on the devil for two reasons. First, there's enough evil in the heart of man to account for most if not all the evil in the world today (Jer. 17:9). Second, we're told in Matt. 12:29 that Jesus bound Satan when he came to earth to establish His Kingdom.

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The Bear and the Basketball

For the last two months, we have been taking a look at the topic of apologetics, specifically presuppositional apologetics. As it always does, the introduction to this subject matter causes many people to get completely frustrated and lose interest.

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Finally: The Bottom Line on Christian Education vs. Public Schools

Though in serious error last week in their conclusions, two writers for Rev. John MacArthur's Grace To You

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Country Music: Good & Bad Theology

I love country music! It is America's music. Trace Adkins said it best in his 2005 hit, Songs about me. The chorus states, Songs about lovin and livin and good hearted women and family and God, yeah they're all just songs about me.

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A Note of Encouragement to Rev. John MacArthur

Today's article is Dr. Jones' response to Rev. MacArthur.

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The Truth of Absolutes

One of the most prominent Christian apologists of our day, Ravi Zacharias, has referred to C.S. Lewis as probably the greatest Christian apologist in recent memory.

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The God of Reason

We noted last week that many presuppositional thinkers will appeal to Proverbs 26: 4-5 as a scriptural model of how to give an answer to everyone who asks for the reason for the hope that you have

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Every Square Inch Belongs To Christ

Not long after Luther, Calvin, and the reformers began leading Europe's captive masses out from under the heavy hand of spiritual, intellectual (and thus economic and political) papal bondage, an even worse form of tyranny was about to replace it. One that still has Europe and the U.S. in a death grip.

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Can a 140-year-old book defeat the ACLU?

Publishing and distributing biblical worldview training materials is our number one priority at American Vision. Why? The following email from Joseph in Pennsylvania says it all.

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The Difference Between The Holy Spirit

Last week I implored Dr. James Dobson to take a risk

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Christian Bashing: The Last Acceptable Form of Bigotry

"Christian bashing, the last acceptable form of bigotry in America, is alive and well and growing more intense and hysterical by the day. For decades, desperate secularists and cultural elites have stereotyped and marginalized conservative Christians in an effort to stop their growing influence on American culture. And the defamation of Christians by progressives

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