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Is it a Lamb? Is it a Spamb? No…it’s an evolved Octopamb!

The debate over evolution normally centers on the fossil record. Evolutionists maintain that it documents their claims of graduated changes over millions of years. Creationists, along with the neo-evolutionists or punctuated equilibriumists, see not a record of slow graduated changes, but rather sudden rapid changes from one kind to another. “Where,” they ask, “are all […]

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Indoctrinated into what?

I was amused to see that in the comments section of my previous postings on same-sex mirage, someone wrote that where my biography says I have five home-educated children, what they understood this to mean is that I have five “home-indoctrinated children.” I may be wrong, but I figure this wasn’t a term of endearment! […]

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Theistic Evolution... Why would He do it like that?

I recently set about the task of making an enclosure to keep animals, and I want to tell you how I did it. This may seem to be a strange topic for American Vision readers but please bear with me and I trust that all will become clear. My aim was to create a large, […]

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Hey kids…Marriage is really really cool!

So New Zealand has recently become the 13th country in the world to legalize same-sex mirage. For those of you who think that I cannot spell the word marriage, I really can. In fact I just did it. No, the “mirage” thing is deliberate. For that is what New Zealand legislators have just introduced. It isn’t marriage. Call it […]

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The socialist legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Judging by the reactions to her death, Margaret Thatcher has proved to be as divisive in her death as she was in her life. Social networking sites were full of some predictably vile abuse, conjured up in the dark recesses of some extremely tasteless minds. Then there was the equally predictable adulation by those who seemed to […]

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The Ten Commandments According to the U.S. Government

Every year when Easter rolls around, some TV network shows C. B. DeMille's 1956 movie, The Ten Commandments. Sometimes, I wonder if the network decision-makers are more theologically astute than we might imagine. The story of Israel's exodus from Egypt is a story about God's deliverance of His people. So is the story of Jesus' crucifixion, […]

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The day of the Lord and Romans 13:11–14

Romans 13:11–14 has been taken in many ways by interpreters, and this can cause considerable confusion for those wanting to understand exactly what Paul was saying here. First, the verses in question read: Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to […]

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Revelation: An Evangelical Symposium

Join Gary DeMar, Sam Waldron, James Hamilton and moderator Brian Borgman at Sierra Bible Church on Saturday, February 23th in Reno, Nevada for a FREE symposium on Revelation. The speakers will present three major interpretive views (Partial-Preterist, Idealist and Futurist) of Revelation. No registration required as this is a first come first serve event. An […]

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Gary DeMar Interviews with Ken McClenton

Join Host Ken McClenton as he delves into the cultural, religious and social foundations of conservatism with an unique Urban perspective. Mondays through Thursdays at 9:00 PM EST. GARY DEMAR PRESIDENT AMERICAN VISION AUTHOR "Myths, Lies and Half-Truths"THE UNITED STATES WERE FOUNDED ON THE PRINCIPLES OF JUDEO-CHRISTIAN BELIEFS. TODAY, CHRISTIANS ARE FINDING THEMSELVES AT ODDS WITH THE […]

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The Fable of the Bees (Updated)

So, you want to understand what happened to the economy in 2008?  I have an answer.  It's a poem. Why a poem?  Because people can follow a poem, if it's not too poetic, better than they can follow detailed chains of economic reasoning. [wpsh]Poems can have great influence.  It is safe to say that the […]

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Joel McDurmon Interview on Apologia Radio

Ever hear a church getting prank called? This is a must hear and must share radio broadcast of Apologia Radio! On this exciting, hilarious and theologically informative broadcast, Jeff Durbin and the gang interview Joel McDurmon on his book “Restoring America one county at a time” as well as “God vs. Socialism”. How can we […]

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Something Else You Never Learned in School

In less than one week, no one will be publicly celebrating the sesquicentennial of one of the oddest events in American history: General Grant's expulsion of the Jews from his military district on December 17, 1862. Jonathan D. Sarna, who teaches history at Brandeis University, has written a book on this event, one which gets […]

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