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American Vision's educational network extends beyond our main website. We continuously  work to become visible in the vast social networking scene on the web to reach people with whom we would otherwise never connect. Help us by becoming a part of our networks. The more people we are connected with in these networks (and the more people you are associated with) the farther we can proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and educate and empower Christians to restore the biblical foundation of America!

Social Networking: Forum IconWorldview Discussion Board

American Vision's worldview discussion board (forum for short) is quickly becoming a leader in Christian worldview teaching. Every day members are receiving instruction and engaging in discussion. There is always something to learn and refine.

The worldview discussion board is the largest extension of American Vision's educational activity. Inside you will find like-minded individuals seeking to learn the truth of God's Word and its application to all areas of life. Sign-up here »


Attach faces to names of those who contribute to American Vision's daily articles and carry out the daily tasks around the office. Be a part of a communty of men and women who want to change the world. Meet others worldwide who are associated with American Vision as well! Facebook is a community of over 140 million people and this group is an extension of American Vision's main site that allows us to reach more people than ever. Sign-up here » Search for American Vision, Friends of American Vision and Gary DeMar.


Twitter is a glorified version of an instant messenger program. Stay abreast of current happenings by following American Vision and staff members on Twitter. Sign-up here »


Ning is a new network community  designed to allow its members to create their own social network around any subject or idea. American Vision has jumped on this concept and created a social network designed as another extension of the main site to draw in Christians looking for the truth; Christians eager to find what God has to say about every area of life. Sign-up here »


Digg is a Social News Network. The good, bad, but not quite the ugly is allowed there. Readers—not the press—determine what's going to be popular and promoted on the site for all surfers to see. "Digg" American Vision's articles, media, and what-not to promote AV's resources to outsiders that may otherwise never come across a Biblical worldview. Go here to easily create your Digg account.


Those of you who blog know that blogs are a powerful tool in reaching out to the masses with vast quantities of information. Every day there are men and women nationally and internationally who find out about American Vision and have their lives changed by clicking on a simple link back to our website because someone decided to put as a favorite link. We ask those of you who appreciate American Vision to do the same.


American Vision gets a large amount of traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo but nothing beats the quality traffic we get from those of you who use our referral system to encourage family and friends to visit our website. Within each article you will find a button that allows you to submit an article to someone you know by entering their email address. Hundreds of new individuals are introduced to the ministry of American Vision by this feature alone. If everyone who visited American Vision's articles sent one email to a friend every day, you would introduce thousands of new readers weekly to the educational mission of American Vision.


Plaxo is an online version of your trusty Address Book. Connect and stay connected with American Vision and like-minded individuals. Sign-up here »

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